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Title: 2011 Burgman 400 - Next project - CVT Belt and Sliders vs Rollers (Think I Can)
Post by: PAULRIDES on November 06, 2014, 11:30:28 pm
I know MC Folks are not interested much in Scooter Mecahnics.  >:D

Recommended CVT Belt Replacement on the Burgman 400 is 14,500 miles. I am at 22K Miles and counting. Some folks change on schedule and some have gone 25K Miles.

I have been visually inspecting the CVT items I can see (belt, clutch shoes, etc.) pretty frequently (had the case off three times counting the initial when I first bought it at about 5300 miles). All looked OK on last inspection at about 18K Miles.

However, I am getting nervous about a belt breaking when out riding.

Plus, I have noticed it takes more engine RPM to run same indicated speed (basically on the 400 Burgman scooters --- RPM divided by 100 is about the indicated speed when not under a load uphill or downhill or something). Mine was close to that (say 6200 rpm at 60mph as an example). Now I am more like 6700 at 60 mph or put another way -- 700 rpm over what it should be.

Plus, I see gas mileage in 57 to 60 range where it use to be more like 65 mpg.

Apparently belts get worn width wise (there is a spec on width, but it is hard to get a micrometer on it when installed. when I ahve, it seeems in spec).

The other problem is the Rollers wear and do not move in the Variator as they should (Rollers are the round weights that move up centrifugally as RPM increases and causes push betweeen a plate and the pulley to close the front pulley making the belt move up, a bigger diameter. A biggger diameter on front and smaller diametr on back is higher gearing for more speed.    

MY PLAN -- my plan is to replace the stock Roller Weights with DrPulley Slider weights (around $58). Sliders are not round and do not roll or get flat on one side from wear (they also manage to push the pulleys closer togetehr). Bought those off E Bay before I found a web site that deals in them. Would have rather dealt with the web site as they do more of it and are a good source of information.  

I have a CVT Belt on order  (About $130, special price -- prices vary from $153 discounted to $197 retail on Internet).

Then -- hope I can do it.  ::)

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One of several Special Tool designs to hold Clutch Bell and/or Fan on Primary Pulley so you can remove or tighten the shaft bolts.
You can remove with Impact Wrench - but need to hold to retorque the nut when installing. Some use a strap wrench. Not sure what I will do, made a tool out of wood with bolts and nuts to hold the parts (but worry about breaking the fins on the fan with too much pressure in one place).