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Vintage / Re: And this weeks new one...
« Last post by IanC on Yesterday at 09:20:50 pm »
Kind of want to find one of those for myself.
Vintage / And this weeks new one...
« Last post by LuckyPuck on December 10, 2018, 06:24:53 am »
I know, not vintage but not

Not sure what I'm going to do with this one, once I start digging into it I should have a better idea of where it's going.

Looks like a nice ride. Sorry to hear about Ken passing. I am glad you and he got a ride in before he did though.
Vintage / Re: Not quite vintage yet but....
« Last post by IanC on December 02, 2018, 10:37:50 am »
Always liked the Monsters. Nice score.
Vintage / Re: And another vintage I need an intervention..
« Last post by IanC on December 02, 2018, 10:36:47 am »
Look forward to seeing one complete!
Vintage / Re: And another vintage I need an intervention..
« Last post by PAULRIDES on November 28, 2018, 08:23:39 am »
Quote  "lol I need an intervention"  >:D

Maybe an exorcism be better? O)

Just joking --- good hobby if one has patience to work thru it.  :happypep
Vintage / Re: Not quite vintage yet but....
« Last post by LuckyPuck on November 27, 2018, 08:28:52 am »
LOL,  not related, envy his collection though.

Right now 9 bikes and 4 cars....    could change by the minute though....
Vintage / Re: And another vintage I need an intervention..
« Last post by LuckyPuck on November 27, 2018, 08:27:48 am »
Thanks, I need it,   I'm a bit ham fisted but I'm getting better out of necessity...   I'm a better test pilot than mechanic.
Continue on Bull Mtn Rd to I-40 and then headed toward Sevierville, TN

As I said in first Post, you gotta like the roads to I-40 (Bull Mtn, Big Creek, Cripple Creek, etc.). Then the back road over to Jones Cove is a true picture of some rural TN (sad).


Route to I-40 at XIT 447 starts with Bull Mtn Rd.  Repeat pic true from 1 of 2 E Mails.

Cooled down a bit in the back country.

We passed I-40 and headed for Hwy 321 then to Jones Cove. See some really true rural TN  country (everyone is not a 1%'er, some folks have a hard life I imagine). XIT 447 is the rafting sign up (too cold for that so we rode right on by - not tempted).

Cross the river and the back roads get interesting (watch for some sneaky chug holes - deep ones).

There is some nice scenery in some of this rural TN.

There are a lot of back road rural Junk Yards in TN and some are right on the road (next three pictures). I imagine it's a Hard Life, good thing is No Rebel Flags a Flying.

Anyway -- it's an interesting ride with some character roads. :-)

And a bit of fall color (sun angle helped the display of what is left of fall color).
This report has a sad purpose as it is sort of dedicated to Ken Gay (some of you may know him but he was not ETB). We have ridden together many miles, not so much in the last years, but once in awhile and we did  Wednesday, 21st.

Ken had a sudden death Saturday, 24th, at about 10PM while online chatting via Skype with a lady friend in Etowah.  She noted that he began slurring words and then saw him collapse over his computer desk. She contacted 911 in Sevierville and gave them Ken's name. They found his address and the police broke his door to get in. Too late he was all ready dead.

I think he probably suffered an aneurysm as he mentioned on our ride that he had one that was recently checked and had not changed, so no action would be taken. LIFE IS SHORT.  The lady friend kept the SKYPE open until the police arrived so witnessed much of what happened.   

THE RIDE (I think it was Ken's Last).

Ken responded he would ride Wednesday, 21st. We decided to wait for 40F temperatures (met at 10:15AM).

We left the BP at Hwy 66 and 139 heading for Dandridge, Hwy 92, turned at Indian Creek Mkt, then back roads over to the Old Hwy 411 (good ride since no truckls on the old road). Ended up on Hwy 25 going into Newport, but turned off on a back road that comes out at Exit 437. From there back to Hwy 25w/70 to The Slab (Pancake and a couple eggs for part of BKF and a an early Lunch). Ken just waited while I ate (that is how he stays slim, watch others eat).  :)

Took Hwy 107 to Del Rio made a loop and then headed to I-40 Exit 447. No I-40 travel as  we took back roads to Jones Cove to Dixon Branch to Pitman Center Road. I turned off onto Jayell Rd heading to a loop back into Sevierville. Reached the loop road and noticed no Ken. I waited a bit, and decided he must have headed on down Pitman Rd.

I stopped by Floyd's to look around -- some prices have been reduced on various guns and AMMO. Didn't need any 9MM AMMO, but couldn't resist the $7.99 for 50 rounds of 9MM.

It was still early as told Betty be home by 4PM, so I stopped by BUD'S also. They were reducing some prices also (not big deals -- like $10 on several guns). Good price cut on a GSG Firefly (22LR) Semi Auto from $189 to $169, and the SCCY 9MM at $169 (been that price for a week) is good also. They only had two left in the display case, had maybe 10 the other day.

I DON'T NEED ANOTHER GUN -- but would like a couple.  >:D

Cool (cold to some) 41F at 10AM on Boyds Creek Hwy.

There are several nice old houses as you go thru town on Hwy 139 (this one is actually a store - crafts, etc.)

All the cranes are involved with removing the old bridge.

Gotta love Hwy 92 south of Dandridge (DGR).

Turned left at Indian Creek Market onto Hwy 363 heading for a back road to the south. Hwy 363 is a pretty good ride also and some nice country scenery.

The back road South  of Hwy 363 crosses the new Hwy 411 to Old Hwy 411 (good ride now that no trucks and very little traffic on old Hwy 411). A tiny bit of Fall Color appears at times.

We took Hwy 25W into Newport, but cut across on New Cave Church Rd to Hwy 321.

The Sled getting ready to leave, Ken had gone hunting his MC keys (I know the feeling). Turned out he had put them in his pant pocket and normally puts them in his jacket pocket (I know the feeling).

It's a Balmy 52F on Hwy 107 south to Del Rio, dropped back to 48F later and finally saw 54F near home at 4PM.

We did a little loop (long way around) from Del Rio to get to Bull Mtn Rd.  It's a nice loop to ride (next 4 pictures).

Bull Mtn Rd starts our route to I-40 at Exit 447. It's a good ride, but be aware there are some rough spots and some gravel kicked up on corners on an otherwise new road surface.
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