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Vintage / Re: A new Suzuki for Ian
« Last post by IanC on October 16, 2017, 10:08:52 pm »
As Chris said I couldn't resist this little gem. 

Plans for this one are pretty mild, most of the suspension/brake mods from my other GS1000 will find their way to this one, the fairing will go on a shelf, change the seat, exhaust and handlebars, leave the engine stock.
Vintage / Re: A new Suzuki for Ian
« Last post by Luvmystar on October 16, 2017, 09:04:32 pm »
 :21 Congrats It looks nice.
Vintage / A new Suzuki for Ian
« Last post by Chris on October 16, 2017, 08:21:10 pm »
I went with Ian today to pick up a 1979 Suzuki GS1000E that came from Illinois.  As happens with old bikes the bike was currently registered and titled in Illinois but was bought by a Kentucky old bike dealer and word passed to Ian by a local bike business who picked it up in Kentucky for us.  I'll leave it to Ian to post pics but it's a GS1000 decked out in period touring gear including a Vetter Windjammer fairing and Vetter hardcase saddlebags.  Under the touring gear is a stock GS1000 with about 13K miles on it.  The engine is a gem and runs great while the running gear, especially the front forks, need some attention.  The bike sits too low making me wonder if it was intentionally lowered to suit a pretty short legged rider and the way the seat moves you way forward supports that idea.   So, another GS Thou to bring up to speed and it'll be fun and interesting to see what Ian does with this one.  I know he's dying to get rid of the white wall front tire.  AH...I nearly forgot...the price was $1350. 

When new his bike would have looked very much like this:
The rest of the D T and then Potter Falls.


Hope this guy turns off soon - 35 mph  :groan and not a place for 6 bikes to pass. He did turn off after about 2 miles.

Sad ending to an industry --- but nice no coal dust and trucks on the Devil Triangle. Like a Friend Said, "They don't make Buggy Whips Anymore Either.'

One of the best parts of the D T is ahead.  :happyrider UP a MTN and back DOWN the MTN.
Wartburg, a church on way to Potter Falls.

The Dockery Gang looks pretty good or is it the Waterfall background.  ;)

Two Dockerys (Eric and Mike - Bros) and a Cuz (Gregg). If I got the names correct.

Tailwater View -- Saddle UP and Head 'Em Out -- Eric switched rides with Bro Mike (Scooter for Harley) - so, quick lesson on Scooter Operation, it works better with Emergency Brake Off.  :banghead 
Moving on to BBQ via a backroad out of Potter Falls area is one of my favorite sections (Dipsy Do  Roller Coasters, 4 of them). Good spacing back there guys.  :) Gregg switched to 2nd place as Mike was riding Eric's Scooter in 3rd place.

Hwy 27 to Fairview to Black Valley to Hwy 62 thru Oliver Springs to BBQ.

OK -- Guess Scooter survived a Harley Rider.  :o
Moving on to DT and General Store.

I call the start of Devil Triangle where 116 turns north at Jct of Hwy 330. I am not sure how it got the word "Triangle" as only two sides show up getting to Hwy 62. However, I think it includes the trip back from Hwy 62 to Oliver Springs and east on Hwy 330 to jct of Hwy 116 (where I consider the DT starts if coming from the east - Rocky top).


Leaving Rocky Top - the old brick building and then a church scene on Hwy 116 heading west to DT.

Anyway, we are on it here.

A couple of the guys had not ridden the D T before. All went well and spacing was good (was all day as much as I could se behind me). Except maybe on a couple real curvy sections (where the three or four switchbacks (10mph stuff) are located. Seems people always want to bunch up at the worst time.

One of the several 10 mph switchbacks show up on the GPS Picture.

And, there it is.
Crossing the bridge at River after RR Track - Gen Store is a mile or so west.

It is worth a trip to the bathroom (need a bath) - be careful of the stairs.
Met Eric at Pilot on Merchant about 9:20AM, Pete and Mike showed up a little later, then came the brother (Mike), and Cuz (Gregg) -- if I have the names correct? We left there about 9:55AM for a D T Run.
Took some backroads to Norris, thru a street with some of the nice little cottages, then a road along the dam tail waters (lot of trout fishermen on the river) to Rocky Top. Quick stop at Rocky Top Weigel's for a break. Then Hwy 116 to Devil Triangle, included a stop at the General Store at Charlie's Branch. 
We discussed Potters Falls, a couple folks hand never been there - so we did that. Just took Hwy 62 to Wartburg, back down Potters Road to the Falls and one of my favorite backroads over to Hwy 27.
A few miles on Hwy 27 led to Fairview Road, to Bac Valley Road, to Hwy 62, bypass Oliver Springs and stopped at a BBQ south of O S. I split there and the guys went in for BBQ at about 1:30PM.
Don't know where they went after that, I went home and got there about 2:30PM (think 180 miles RT).
Rough Bunch - DOCKERY GANG --- Mike, Pete, Eric, Gregg (Cuz), Mike (Bro). At least only one other full blooded Dockery besides Eric. Had Tracy been there also (3 of 'em together) - might be best to go back home and avoid trouble.  :34 
A backroad route to Norris and Rocky Top.
Love the little cottages in Norris Community -- I reckon many are from late 1940s and 1950s.
Turn off to Tailwaters (River Road is here). Sheriff looking for Hells Angels -- sorry, we are just a bunch of angels.

Several Trout Fishermen were out SAT AM. Barely see some of them in the picture.

Quick Break (?) Saddle Up Head 'em Out.  ;D

The Character Part of Sequatchie Route is called Character cause it is a bit rough and goes UP & Up to Hwy 27 (near Crossville).
Hwy 27 on the way to a backroad to Hwy 68.

Hwy 68 has some of the Homestead Homes (most have been remodeled and added on to). Got a picture of a couple of them.
Then Cox Road over to Hwy 70 (Crab Orchard Break & Lunch).

FREE Mini-HotDog and Drink (that drink has zero Calories and Sugar and amazing amount of Vitamin plus a bunch of stuff - who knows what). They had one drink that has 72 Grams of Sugar - (that is 18 teaspoons of sugar in one can). Is it any wonder we see what we see as some heavy folks (and the south is the worst I understand).

Anyway, I made up for the ZEROS in the drink with a Big Cup of Ice Cream  ($2.63 includes tax). They dip it out.
Backroad around Rockwood - we ran Hwy 70 to get there (no pictures of Hwy 70).

This one took us to Hwy 70 and then I-40.

THAT'S ALL FOLKS !!!! Except ---
I took Exit 356 off of I-40 back to Hwy 70 to Hwy 321 to Harley in Maryville and home from there (no pictures). TerrE took I-40 to Hwy 321 to home near the new bridge at the dam.

More on good part of Hwy 30 down the Mtn, but caught a bunch of slow cars going down the west side of the Mtn.
Turned off on the backroad to get to Sequatchie Valley Route.
Now comes the Character Road part of Sequatchie Valley.  :happypep
Met TerrE at Marathon (95 and 411 Jct) at about 9:20AM and left there for Dayton NAPA where Marc works. We had a BS Session when Marc took his lunch break around 11AM  and I delivered the MC Stuff Marc bought from Jim (BIKELESS) and Pretty Much GADGETLESS now.
We do have one Battery Charger (Jim's) either 4 Sale or if some needs one to use (pass it around to anyone in need).  I don't need one and Marc did not need one. Jim said just keep it, so it's here if you have a need.
Also, have some gloves (mine and Jim's) and a throttle Lock (Jim's). FREE to anyone in need. Pictures later. 
Anyway, after leaving Marc, we took Hwy 30 to Pikeville (turned north just before getting into downtown Pikeville on a backroad route) for a run up Sequatchie Valley. I think that valley is one of the nicest around here (beautiful).
Eventually we came out on Hwy 27 and took a backroad over to Hwy 68 and then another backroad to Crab Orchard (FREE Hotdog and Drink at a Customer Appreciation Day). I got tempted by a BIG BOWL of ICE Cream (actually had that in mind before we got there). :-) 
Headed east on Hwy 70 to Rockwood, did the bypass route around Rockwood to Hwy 70 and then I-40 around Kingston. TerrE continued I-40 to Hwy 321 as was in a hurry to get home. I took Xit 356 back to Hwy 70 for the run to Hwy 321 (Weigel's for Gas).
Continued Hwy 321 thru Lenoir City (heavy traffic but moved on - it is a busy place over there) to the new bridge (one side open) to Harley for a coffee, a Howdy to Ian, and a Sit on Front Porch. Home at about 4:45PM after I think 230 or so miles.
Early on way to meet TerrE. Farm Equipment Collection on Hwy 411 -- wonder if he ever sells any of that?

Nice herd and skies beginning to cloud up. Actually, we had a lot of clouds for sometime in AM, cleared up before we got to Dayton.
We took a quick break after getting to Hwy 30 from I-75 (MY GPS lost power, reconnected and all OK). Took a bathroom break while we were stopped. A Speedway (think gas was $2.09 here, cheapest I have seen recently  -- did not need any).
Hwy 30 to Dayton is a Cruising Road. :-) Nice Scenery.
We arrived about 10:45AM. March busy at work - come se us when you take your lunch break. OK.

He managed to fix his 4th gear problem and has the Trike going again. Good work Marc.
Moving on -- a backroad out of town (Dayton) to continue Hwy 30 west to Pikeville area.
Hwy 30 is part of the Trail of Tears (brown sign says so).
The GOOD PART of Hwy 30 is ahead. We are going to turn off of Hwy 30 onto Cooper LN for a shortcut to Sequatchie Valley route. 
Open Discussion / Re: Internet Motorcycle Photos & History
« Last post by Luvmystar on October 15, 2017, 05:52:50 am »
I remember that bike from the show.And her.A hot girl on a bike.
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