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Open Discussion / Old pics
« Last post by skeeter on Yesterday at 11:43:39 pm »
Just trying to be funny
Also, include some local attraction pictures visited on 19th when our son from GA was here. He came FRI Eve and left SUN AM. We took him to the New Attraction (indoor winter tube slide and playground), Carl Ripkin Baseball Facility, and Dolly's Dream World Resort.

He left for home SUN AM early and I left for a Fog Ride to Chuck Swan to shoot, returned via a loop around N, to W, to S Side of House Mtn State Park. Couple decent views of the MTN and roads around it.

Other than that -- Target Pictures (feel like I am getting better with the handguns, but not gonna win any competitions).  :pop


Local Tour of Winter Playground, Carl Ripkin Baseball Facility (Panorama), and Dolly's Dream World Resort.

My pre-ride picture (son took it in driveway as I was leaving).

Fog Ride on way to Chuck Swan.

House Mtn Loop includes a N view, roads around the Mtn and a view from S side.

Target killing at Chuck Swan.
Upcoming Rides & Events / Events Weekend (May 11 thru 13) Maybe of Interest
« Last post by PAULRIDES on May 11, 2018, 07:05:37 am »
Wilderness Week in Pigeon Forge is in progress (Started May 8). Keith sent me the pdf file the other day with schedules of presentation on various subjects that go on hourly all day and some night events as well. It is too long to copy here, suggest GOOGLE Wilderness Week to get details. It is a FREE Event.

or   Search Around (it ain't easy) and you can find the event schedule.

Betty said, there is a fund raiser (For an MRI Machine at LeConte Hospital) at The Island in Pigeon Forge.
2 to 5PM Saturday - Music all the time and dessert samples from the restaurants (even get a take home box) for $20. She wants me to go to support the hospital (dear to her heart since she volunteers there).

And, the 18th Annual festival at the Candora Marble Arts & Heritage Center @ 4450 Candora Ave in Knoxville. Vendors, musicians, food, fun for children, guided tours of the ETPRI (whatever that is) and Sustainable Future Center, and the chance to of riding a shuttle to the "Car of the Future", a TELSA X.  10AM til 6PM  FREE Admission.

Martin's Station Celebration A few miles east of Cumberland Gap will be a reconstructed Frontier Fort (along the Old Wilderness Road - Hwy 58). A mock battle between re-enactors Saturday at 1PM and at 8:30PM. All this is at Virginia's Wilderness Road State Park on Hwy 58 east of Cumberland Gap, TN.  $10 per Carload and $4 on Sunday. I have stopped there several times on rides - nice museum - history building with a movie. Also some DGR (DANG Good Roads) getting there if you venture off the standard Big Bike Route of 25E and Hwy 68. Also, a nice loop road that runs along the east border of the fort area, and loops north and east then back out to Hwy 58 (pretty back in there withe the mountains to your north). 

THAT's ALL I KNOW --- doubt I will be able to do any of it. However, I would like to see the Candora Marble thing (see signs for it when riding thru the area, don't know what it is actually). Betty wants to donate to the MRI Machine for the hospital and says I might as well go and bring home some dessert. Then -- I am sure I will not go to VA for the re-enactment (but that would be nice) -- What ??  $10 for each MC ($4 Sunday cause no Re-enactment). 
Upcoming Rides & Events / Re: Motordrome
« Last post by PAULRIDES on May 11, 2018, 06:57:18 am »
I can't make it -- thanks for INFO. Good to spread the word :happypep
Upcoming Rides & Events / Motordrome
« Last post by skeeter on May 10, 2018, 12:24:16 am »
The same motordrome will be at Harley Davidson on Clinton Highway May 10th through 12 the last one I saw in the 70s it's the same one if you never seen one you need to be
I did take a short break at I-40 for a couple pictures (swinging Bridge for one). 


Continue the good part of the adventure route.  :happypep

Best not to meet a fast moving vehicle or any vehicle. 

At the I-40 Jct. (Exit 447 or is it 451, where the raft trips organize), took a few pictures. 

Note: Swinging Bridge that goes over to a Zip Line Tower.

View of river from the Swinging Bridge.

The Main Route back to Del Rio downtown is decent road all the way, not sure could follow it without a GPS as it is not a straight double yellow same road all the way. Would have to make several more trips, then might be able to without a GPS.

I took a detour here when I saw a sign for a Martha Sunquist State Forest - soon ran into gravel and turned back to the Main Route.

Same stream as above after I turned around. The detour was short and a nice little ride.

Doing the Main Route.

Caught this view of Mtns in distance (narrow opening) while riding by. 

After getting back to downtown Del Rio, I turned right as if going to Max Patch, but did not take the Max Patch turn (wanted to see where that road went). Turned out it was a loop back to the Main Route and ended up back in Del Rio downtown. Certainly a nice ride for the first par of the loop that included another nice Country Church.
My Camera battery went dead as I tried to take a picture riding by the church. So, I stopped south of the church for a break and changed batteries, had some water, and walked back to take pictures of the church and it's location).

Taken from south side of the church.

Taken looking north about even with the church.

Taken after passing the church to the north and looking back south.
Finally got away by 8:30AM because I had to take time to wash the front half of CB500X since it looked weird with the rear section clean (from working on it yesterday - rear wheel bearing, clean change, and put the original 14 tooth front sprocket back on). The front half was DIRTY (very dirty -- I don't believe in wasting ride time to clean a bike that just gets dirty again). I mostly just ride  :happyrider 

Made a quick run to The Slab for breakfast to supplement the fruit I had at home (I mean after a healthy start at home have to have a Pancake with Lot of Syrup  and a couple scrambled Eggs).

Then decided to explore some more roads from Del Rio to I-40 and back to Del Rio. Mainly, I was hunting the sort of Main Route cause the last time I did that run (from I-40 to Del Rio), I ended up on an adventure road. This day, I also found some adventure roads on the way to I-40 (not gravel mind you - no way I'm gonna mess up a bike that finally got cleaned since sometime last fall). However, there were some narrow, back country, steep, and curvy adventures and ran into gravel (turned around - an unusual thing to do). Looked like good gravel road, do it some day.

Coming back from I-40 to Del Rio I found the what I think is the Main Route. And had I followed the GPS going over to I-40 I would have found it then. However, thinking I knew better than the GPS, I decided not to make a turn it told me too. Some people say that folks from MO are stubborn as a mule. Betty thinks she knows at least one that IS.

Picture Story

The lakes (at least Douglas Lake) are filled up.

The Slab - NOTE Please: The nice clean bike (well not TerrE or Jackie's bike clean, and not Harley clean but at least wiped off).

Breakfast anyone ($2.50 plus tax and add Coffee either $0.50 or $0.75).

Just east of downtown Del Rio (this is about as main as the main road to I-40 gets and there is a lot of such scenery). 

This scenes showed up off the main road after I decided I knew more than the GPS about the route. 

And my deviation from the GPS turned out a good ride until I got to the gravel and turned back (sort of like the Big Bike Guys -- I ain't gettin' this bike dirty the first day I cleaned it up).

I was tempted as don't find many gravel roads that look better than that. Then I thought this Bike Is CLEAN (relatively to usual). I turned around.

Took another route the GPS picked (it was not the Main Route as I had passed that some distance back). It was paved and got some adventurous on one Mtn Road that finally took me to the Main Route.

This turned out to be part of the Main Route (actually a road I used the first trip I made coming from I-40 to Del Rio). It's a great ride, except for some broken up places and gravel kicked up on several corners (not a safety issue as you can see the danger ahead).

Then the GPS took me off he Main Route (this time it was not me), and finally had a bit of an adventure (not gravel - don't panic). I stopped to look back and take a picture of this nice country church.

Continue on this road (nice ride but the adventure part is very narrow and no room for error - be careful about meeting anyone -- I Did Not).
Open Discussion / Re: Need a small favor
« Last post by Luvmystar on May 08, 2018, 05:43:14 am »
Thanks.I would appreciate that.
Open Discussion / Re: Need a small favor
« Last post by IanC on May 07, 2018, 08:45:17 pm »
I'll try to remember to grab one.
It was a Beautiful Cloud Picture Day and I thought, this will finally satisfy Eller (he likes pictures with clouds). And, it ain't easy to satisfy him.

So, I started taking Cloud Pictures (always some scenery in the pictures as well).

There are 15 Cloud Pictures, 2 Non-Cloud Pictures, 4 Target Pictures (so not too boring).  :pop 

A little shooting was 36 rounds with the .22 Heritage Revolver (STD Vel 1070 FPS) at 24 feet (no keyholing but accuracy is not great). Probably my part as not sure where to set the sights on that gun -- I think  need to file down the front sight - there is no adjustment on the gun as it's Old West Style.

Also a little shooting was 30 rounds with the Ruger SEMI (fun with two targets set 3 foot apart and sort of alternating targets - like move and shoot two or three at one, then move and shoot two or three at the other or just shoot one and then the other). I tend to shoot left of desired point when doing that (quick shots with limited aim or just pointing).

Then 5 rounds with the 9MM (like move, stop, and shoot) - only three found the 8.5 x 11 (just below center)  and could not find the other 2 on the wider paper behind the 8.5 x 11.  :groan


Norris Lake is full again.

Pretty full as it shows in the fingers - about as full as it gets.

This is my favorite picture of the day (had actually noted the scene passed it a mile or so, and decided to go back for the picture). The reflection in the pond is almost mirror perfect.

Target Pictures would be next in time sequence as I arrived at Chuck Swan Range (not a person around while I was there). However, save those til last and pick up pictures on the way home. Rode the Ridge Road that leads to the Log Cabin (had not been on that road for sometime - views with clouds were GOOD).

Start with pictures before the Ridge. Nice herd of cattle on a hill and CLOUDS. :-)

The road ahead includes part of the herd that was on the hill.

Almost at the top of the Ridge Road (this is looking north before reaching the top of the ridge).

Now at the top of the ridge (made a panorama) -- what you think? I think does not get much better than this.

Imagine the view the folks in this house have.

Not far after passing the Log Cabin Church -- the road gets a little nasty (rough) and further yet it was fresh tar and chat but somewhat packed in the tire tracks (fortunately).  Note: The Dish antenna.

This red roofed church caught my eye from a distance and when I got near it, I deviated a block or so to go and take a picture.

There is a cemetery (pretty large one) behind the fence you see on right side of the picture (above). There is a sign honoring Veterans at the Cemetery (Note: some are Revolutionary War Soldiers). And, I see WW1, and I assume Civil War as well.

Approaching Hwy 33 via this nice valley. I think that brown field is cut winter wheat.

Hwy 33 Bridge and view of Marina and CLOUDS.

One last CLOUD view. DANG It Eller, if you aren't happy now, you NEVER WILL BE. :-) What you say?

TARGETS: Someone left the first targets I used for the .22 Revolver (they had a few bullet holes that I patched).

Rather than aim at the center - I picked two other aim points (nearly cut off part of the top target when I made the Photo). That Revolver shoots high (I think) and it is hard to know where to set the front sight in the rear sight (rear is not adjustable - need to grind off part of the front sight). I was aiming low and realized that, but could not get shots up.

Then the second group (bottom group) was as bad or worse (had more to the right).

Then this target after I patched it - I aimed at the center. I was hitting low and finally made myself aim high enough to hit some high ones. Numbers or not in sequence of the shots - just a count.

Other than that, I don't see much Keyholing if any using standard velocity - 1070 FPS). I don't know if I will send it back to Heritage to take a look (they might give me a new gun as they said it should shoot anything up to 1350 FPS). The only reason I would is Standard Velocity costs around $0.02 per round more (adds up as 100 rounds is another $2).   

First time I tried shooting at two different targets (alternating shots after each shot or after two or three shots). Targets were only 3 feet apart as that is the width of the mounting pad. Anyway, it was fun --- move while drawing, stop and shoot a couple rounds - then repeat.

I had not planned to shoot the 9MM, but one clip has 5 rounds of FMJ along with Hollow Points (so I took the H P out and shot the FMJ ( can replace those at home for $0.20 per round VS like $0.75 for Hollow Points).
Anyway, the previous shooters had left a target (human image) that had a lot of holes in it. I covered most of it with an 8.5 x 11 and patched the other holes so I could tell where my misses hit.

Then did the move, stop and shoot for 2 rounds and then again for 3 rounds at 24 feet.
GROAN -- don't know where 2 of 'em went (missed the whole thing). The other 3 are decent (for me - hoping to hit near center of the 8.5 x 11.
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