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Vintage / Re: and
« Last post by LuckyPuck on October 12, 2018, 07:27:07 am »
Its a whole lotta fun, I believe I am going to find out just how easy it is to seriously injure myself at low speeds in a40x90 yard.   I do know if you come off the clutch a little to fast it will leap half the yard in first gear...
Ride Reports / Foothills Parkway>>Dragon>>Cherohala Skyway
« Last post by Chris on October 12, 2018, 06:18:51 am »
On Monday I went on a ride with Ian and an old friend from Germany and Washington State, Deb Schlawin. It had been over 20 years since she had ridden with me but thanks to a visit to Tennessee from her usual Pacific Northwest haunts we got to do it again. We left my house and climbed Chilhowee Mountain behind my house to run the Foothills Parkway along the ridge. We then followed US129 to the Dragon and did its 311 turns getting to the gas station at Deals Gap. We stopped there to grab a bite to eat and then headed towards Robbinsville NC to get on the Cherohala Skyway which is always a delight. It put us out on 411 near Madisonville and left a 30 mile or so run back to my house. It was a good 150 mile loop that with gas and food stops took about 5 hours. Deb did well on the back of my bike but I know she must have been sore the next day after not riding at all for at least 5 years. She's a trouper! It was great fun to get to ride with Ian whose schedule usually makes it hard to find the time for us to go riding together. It was also special having an old and treasured friend like Deb back on the bike with me and I was reminded of the many rides with her in the old days. Here's some photos of the day:

The view of the Smoky Mountain National Park from the Foothills Parkway.

Ian looking dead stylish with matching leathers, gorgeous bike, and good technique.

Deb and I on the Dragon being caught by one of the several photographers along the road.

Good form by both the rider and passenger looking for the exit of the turn.

Ian's not really a big guy.  The Triumph is quite tiny.  And fast!  Did I mention it's fast?

it was a little after this that I passed a short train of slow moving Can Am Spyders towing trailers that wouldn't use the pull offs to let us by. Ian insisted on admonishing them after we made it to Deals Gap. He pointed out that if they were slow enough to be passed by an old Beemer with a passenger they needed to pull over and let others through. I didn't see the need as my passing them at the Gravity Cavity said everything needed. But I could have had fun with it I suppose. Maybe a little blunter? Like, "You were just passed by a bike and riders whose combined age is 160years! Take up something you can handle like hop-scotch...but you'll probably need walkers!"

At the gas station/diner/motel at Deals Gap.

Ian stopped at this pedestrian suspension bridge at a trailhead along US129 heading to Robbinsville. Pretty cool.

Deb reaching protectively for the cable as Ian and I find out how easy it is to get the bridge hopping by jumping up and down.

One nice thing about riding in the Smokys...its all gorgeous. The view from the little bridge.

Stopping for a break on the Cherohala Skyway. Great road...astounding scenery.

Another break nearly at the end of the road at Tellico Plains. Still gorgeous.

Pretty nice travelling companions, both biological and mechanical, eh?

Vintage / Re: and
« Last post by Chris on October 12, 2018, 06:00:06 am »
That looks like all kinds of fun!  Pretty bike...congrats!
As hot as it's been lately I think I might have tried swimming across just to cool down instead of using the ferry.
Motorcycle News / Re: Autonomous motorcycles? But why?
« Last post by Chris on October 12, 2018, 05:53:04 am »
We trust mechanical / electrical stuff every day but I don't think I could be at ease in a car wondering when the controls would suffer a BREAKDOWN (like my computer does).  :banghead

I know what you mean but every time you fly you're spending hours and hours being flown to your destination by the autopilot.  The pilots are there to take over if needed.   
Good report and quite the ride!  Wow...that time you really ended up at the middle of nowhere.  (And found a road that even you judged not good for motorcycles.)

Thanks for posting that Paul.
Vintage / and
« Last post by LuckyPuck on October 08, 2018, 07:04:53 am »
Not sure how I ended up starting a trials bike

But....   Aprilia and 2 stroke....and an offer I couldn't refuse..... yes please..

Finally, the trip home includes a few pictures going to Helmes Ferry (a crossing used frequently and I have posted many pictures in the past reports).

So, just a few to show the new road in there and how the crossing looked on this day (beautiful is the word).    :21

By the way the road on north side of the Ferry is in excellent shape (been repaved), but did loose a lot of character it had with the rough and bumpy surface.

First are two scenic picture from Hwy 63 going toward Speedwell, TN where you turn south to the Ferry. Hwy 63 is a boring straight road, but has scenery with the mountains to the north.

One last picture is taken from Hwy 61 going from Hwy 33 to Luttrell, TN. Cattle on a hill under the shade on a hot day (near 90F).
Moving onto some of the other roads on the route back home -- mostly this reply deals with the Hwy 90 loop back to Hwy 25W.  :happypep

Also a stop at B & B Deli once back on Hwy 25W, just to check it out. I did have an not needed coffee. Popular little place also and been there since 1941. 

A bit of history at B & B (pictures I took of pictures on their walls show some of that).  :21
Ride Reports / PAULRIDEs Sep 20 - Sort of a follow up to Creekside and Elk View Report
« Last post by PAULRIDES on September 26, 2018, 08:12:31 am »
A follow up as I went back to Creekside for a BKF (Omelette was OK and Coffee). Big crowd wen I arrived late (about 10:30AM), that left before I finished (only 2 locals left disusing politics).

Anyway, I will shorten the post on this ride but hope to show the roads around Creekside Market after you go over the bridge beside the market. Then another group of roads that I thought were new to me (turned out I had ridden them before as I later realized). The roads are from Hwy 90 back to Hwy 25W.

Then decided to return home by Helms Ferry once I verified the Ferry was running when I returned to LaFollette, TN and got some $2.38 per gallon gas.   

I again took mostly interstate getting north quickly to get to Creekside before BKF ended. had a bit of fog (dense once, but could see to ride) and did a loop off of hwy 25 back to Hwy 25 before Creekside market.

First pictures show part of the route to Creekside market and the Market stop. The Last pictures show the roads behind Creekside (after I crossed the bridge over the creek and back to the bridge to stinking creek)
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