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« on: November 24, 2011, 07:07:29 pm »
:D FOund this today while searching for something else. Figured I would share it with you all. :)

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The Kawasaki KZ1300 is "the other six" not as often seen as the CBX or even the Benelli Sei. That's too bad because there seems to be quite a following in some areas around the world and a few builders have made some pretty interesting projects out of the big six.

Kawasaki Z1300 Turbo by Richard Fluttert
This particular Z1300 Turbo is the handiwork of Richard Fluttert from the Netherlands. Richard had already built 3 versions of carburetor Z1300's some years ago but after a career in Superbike racing he remembered those earlier builds and wanted to build one again.

Kawasaki Z1300 Turbo by Richard Fluttert
This one is based on a fuel injected 1989 Legendary Six anniversary edition never sold in the US. The turbo uses a Rayjay F40 turbine housing and an F Flow compression wheel. A high pressure fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator were added and a lamda probe welded in the exhaust sends fuel/air mixture data to a cockpit display.

The manifold was homebuilt and the exhaust was made by Mile Pajic an exhaust specialist and ex roadracer in the Netherlands. The outlet swivels were made in stainless steel by N. Ollthof. The blow off valve is from a Subaru STI and the external wastegate comes from Mr.Turbo.

The bike has about 200hp with 8 psi pressure and from my point of view, looks like it's very nicely done and should prove entertaining when the turbo spools up.

Thanks to Wilco Vonk, President of the Z1300 club in Holland for bringing this bike to my attention and sending the information and photos.

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Re: KZ1300
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wow!  :o
What does "riding season" mean?

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Re: KZ1300
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That is bad arse.... I'm sure it still doesn't wheelie good though. That tiny back tire was barely big enough to keep the stock engine hooked up.....
A friend of mine back home owns B&B Cycle. He has one of these. cool bikes!!