Author Topic: Accident - 4th Bike in Group Off The Road (missed by group)  (Read 1155 times)


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Accident - 4th Bike in Group Off The Road (missed by group)
« on: April 18, 2012, 08:31:38 am »
I am not sure there is a mesaage (lesson learned) here, but it was an interesting situation to think about. The injuries were serious enough (ribs and bruised lungs). He will be OK after a situation that could have been fatal had his cell phone not worked or if he had been more seriously injured.  

A group of 10 were on a ride over Roan Mtn going south from TN into NC. I was not on the ride. so I have the information based on three sources after the incident.

I am not sure why they got separated into groups of 4 and 6 after a break stop.  Perhaps they agreed to the group separation?? (there was mention of rain approaching or being a possibility and perhaps they were trying to avoid that). However, I was told the first 4 riders headed out before the other 6 (perhaps a minute before).

The 4 rider, at some point went off the road on a curve (Officials later said a lot of bikes and cars end up off the road there as the curve is banked the wrong way).  The 4 rider was quoted by a friend, I went off the shoulder and when the front wheel hit the edge, I highsided and flew thru the air like "Superman". I felt like I could not make the bike turn. (I know that feeling from the day I went wide on an easy right hander a few weeks back - I think, a lack of concentration on my part).

He hit a tree apparently at a mid body point (point of impact is my assumption from injury report) and was thrown into a tree while the bike went 150 feet down the mountain into rocks.  He feels hitting the tree probably saved his life as otherwise he would have been down the Mtn with the bike.  

The situation of 'No One' seeing him go off the road makes it a more interesting story. The 5 bike with the second group had not caught up with the first group at that time, so 5 did not see 4 go off the road. The front group 3 rider missed the headlight behind him and slowed. Then he saw a headlight and assumed it was 4 rider. However, it was actually 5 rider that had caught up. So, they went on some distance to a stop where they asked -- Where is 4? They had met an ambulance coming up from NC side before they stopped.  

The 4 rider's cell phone worked (how lucky is that?) and he had called for HELP. His story about that is: I heard the group go by (5 thru 10 riders went by where his acident occurred). The ambulance did not know where I went off the road, so I had them blow their horn and when they were close, I let them know on the cell phone.  

He ended up in Johnson City Hospital (couple broken ribs and bruised lung was final result as far as I know). He had a short time in ICU as there was internal bleeding. I guess that fixed itself as I did not hear anymore about that.

A GOOD DEAL of LUCK here for sure - Cell Phone worked, he was not injured to where he could not use the phone, and had it on his body where he could get to it.  Otherwise, by the time they missed him and then found him, it may have been too late.


1) A good idea for a group stay within 3 to 5 seconds (stay insight of the guy in front and behind you).
2) Make the curve - This guy was an experieced rider as far as I know (I do not know how much experience). But, no matter the experience I would say, 'stuff happens'.  I feel experienced after 200000 miles in the last 11 years, and still had that feeling recently of 'can't make it turn'. I think mine was lack of concentration that got me into the situation.
3) Carry Cell phone on your body and HOPE: That it works and you can get to it.      
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Re: Accident - 4th Bike in Group Off The Road (missed by group)
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2012, 09:44:15 am »
Wow.  1 of my biggest worries. Lesser riders than me will vouch for me that I always try n keep the rider behind me either in view or within reason that it won't take but a few seconds for them to show up if I slow to watch for them. Been good so far as I've had a few go down behind me.
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Re: Accident - 4th Bike in Group Off The Road (missed by group)
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2012, 12:52:42 pm »
That is scary to think about. I generally like the rule the I am responsible for that person in my mirror. If he drops off then so do I. Hopefully that becomes a chain reaction if everyone follows that rule. although in this case is sounds like that was happening. No way rider 3 would have known that wasn't rider 4.......Makes you think.

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