Author Topic: Polorized Sunglasses :: Review  (Read 858 times)

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Polorized Sunglasses :: Review
« on: June 21, 2012, 08:44:35 am »
So after asking you guys/gals and also posting on my other forums (Yes I am a forum whore) I ran across a brand a of sunglasses that are 'Cheep' and yet seem for the most part durable. I picked them up on amazon (I am a whore also). So far they have been great, the arms have rubber on them and they hold on my face very well. they are flexible so they fit in my helmet very nicely and cover my peripheral (spelling) vision with no problems. they came with their own case, a sleeve to put them in when not in use made of microfiber, a microfiber cloth to help prevent fogging, and a lanyard to keep them around your neck if you so prefer. I ordered them next day for $3.99 more and sure enough they were delivered via Fed Ex ground by 2pm!

Link to Amazon

oh ya.. they were only $44.99 for the blue :) they come in different colors!

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Re: Re: Polorized Sunglasses :: Review
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