Author Topic: Slow Leak on Tire -- Bead Leak (Car tire Video, but Reckon could be a MC Tire)  (Read 2722 times)


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FIRST THE STORY -- I have been having SLOW SLOW leak (well as much as 2or 3 lbs a day) on both back tires on our Rogue (2010 model with 22000 miles). FRONT TIRES have been right on - no problems. This started around mid Dec when my wife (she drives it mostly) came home with a Tire Pressure warning light.

Original Continental tire on the passenger side rear (22,000 miles) and BF Goodrich on the Driver side rear (say 12000 miles). The driver side OEM replaced due to a chunk of rubber that came out of the tire and Continetal called it Rode Hazard. Their tires are TOOO Expensive for me, plus calling that a Road Hazard irked me (not sure how I could hit something to tear a chunk, about an inch square, out of the center of the tread without having done some damage to the front tire - they do track ths same line). ME THINKS.

Anyway, I went to SAM's Club for a BF Goodrich at a lot lesss money and Road Hazard included (actually, $15 charge for that, but that is the only way they sell tires). My opinion is To Heck with Continental.  :groan

OK -- what this is about is a U - Tube VIDEO that TerrE sent me from a guy that had a problem (maybe same as mine). It was a bead leak. Car, but I reckon it could be a MC Rim as well.

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