Author Topic: NINJA 500 (Minor Mod to Rear Sprocket - increase 44T vs 41T = 7.3% ??)  (Read 1623 times)


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I had 35000 plus miles on the original chain. It still seemed loose and looked OK. I have never ran a chain 35000 before (I would think it was an O-Ring, wonder if it was an X Ring ?).  

Maybe using Teflon Chain Lube helped (it would get noisy a bit, I would wipe it off and spray it with Teflon Chain Lube -- not more often that every 800 miles or so).

Anyway, I was nervous about it (never ran a chain much over 20000 before). Those seemed stiff in many links when i  replaced them. This one did not.  

Anyway, I also wanted to gear down a little (so went to a 44T on rear Vs 41T).

Mainly, I was after a little better torque at low speeds (like 5 or 10mph when on gravel or whatever). That bike is weak at 2500 RPM, but it will pull for you. It is much better at 3000 rpm, and plenty good at 3500 to 4000 rpm. It is strong for a 500 at 5000 rpm to 8500rpm and then flattens out at 9000 to 10500 (red line is 11000).

Top speed reported to be 105 to 110 mph. I don't normally ride at 100 mph (well, maybe once in awhile to try it out).  :happypep   I expect with the new sprocket, the top speed might be less (100 to 105 mph top).

I think I like the gearing, but have not rode it far. EX is: at 50MPH, I use to be 4200 -- now it is 4500 rpm. About 7.1%  increase - goes along with the 7.3% change in teeth. AM I RIGHT  ???

For Info -- In the past it has been like 4200 at 50, 5200 at 60, 6200 at 70, 7200 at 80,  Should now be 4500 at 50, 5500 at 60, 6500 at 70, 7500 at 80, 8500 at 90, and 9500 at 100, ETC (if it will - like the littel train says "I think I can, I think I can."  ;D

FOR INFO-- Original Chain was 104 links (by my count of links it was 103 and 104 rollers, but it is listed as 104). I figured add links and get 106 or maybe 108 to fit the extra 3 teeth. Everybody recommened get 110 as you can remove links, so I DID. Ended up removing four links (four plates). That put the axle in middle of the slide.

Anyway, I would not take a chance on buying a 106 link chain, maybe buy a 108. Then might as well be saif and get 110 as likely be removing links either way (with 108 or 110).  ???   

Gave a little business to To Wheeltech (Phil) at Mtn Motorports.  With ETB Discount (10% and add tax), I spent about $18 more at $143 for Chain and Sprckets vs another order price I had (no shipping, no tax). Both were X-Ring Chains (but, an EK brand chain at Mtn Motorsports, and DID brand chain at the the other place). I think the DID may be a better chain, at elast it costs more than a EK.  So, I went with the EK to keep price competieve and and helped the local MC Place some.  ;D  O)   


Old Front Sprocket and Old Chain (hanging down) -- Big difference in appearnce of old and new (New sprocket is not OEM, it is a JT Sprocket). The old one had rubber on outside that the bars rode on, I guess for noise reduction ???.

New Front Sprocket and New Chain.

Comparison of Rear sprockets (old, 41T, on top of the new, 44T).


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