Author Topic: Aug 1 & 2, TH & FR (and Sunday Morning) -- Surely ride someplace. :-)  (Read 411 times)


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THURSDAY -- Predicted rain coverage to be around 20% until 2PM, then 12%. I will do the gym in morning (as missing it today with the Blackwood Show, errands with Betty, and etc.). Hopefully, I will ride to the gym (depends on the weather, 20% should be OK) and then ride after the gym (depends on the weather, 12% should be OK).

Start from Pigeon Forge around noon +/- an hour or so. Betty will be volunteering at hospital, so probably lunch someplace (maybe include some snacks like apple). Hey, Tuckahoe Trading Post has the pork chop lunch on Thursday, or about due for a HARDEE"S coupon, or some other fast food. Whatever works as last minute decision. 

IF INTERESTED let me know and maybe work out a plan before Thursday AM.

FRIDAY -- Should be a nice day and rain predicted Sat, Sun (forever I think). However, I have a DR Appt at 2:00PM (dermatologist regular checkup - nothing serious that I know of - waste of money probably). That will likely be my ride event.

TerrE has a ride planned - Greenville Andrew Johnson President site. Contact TerrE and get on his mail list.

PS: SUNDAY - Usual morning ride looks a bit shaky if 38% prediction of rain holds. We shall see. 
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)