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MotoGP: Bridgestone man Yamada; "One of the best seasons"
« on: December 12, 2013, 02:13:45 pm »
I found this article on MSN.DE and thought Yamada-san's take on the 2013 season interesting, especially concerning the Phillip Island tyre fiasco. (Please excuse the odd grammar, this article translated from German.)



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Bridgestone man Yamada: "One of the best seasons"
Bridgestone Motorsport manager Hiroshi Yamada looks back on the 2013 MotoGP season, which was one of the best ever for the Japanese
Hiroshi Yamada looks back with satisfaction on the 2013 MotoGP season

The MotoGP season in 2013, which was marked by the duel between the two Spaniards Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo at the world title, let sporting point of view hardly something to be desired. For Bridgestone Motorsport manager Hiroshi Yamada, it was even one of the best seasons of all time, who still had ready except the Spanish dominance at the top for him many other highlights. In the interview, the Japanese gave a positive record this season, which is only marred by the tire debacle at Phillip Iceland. In addition, Yamada takes a look ahead to 2014 and emphasizes how much road tires also benefit from the development in motor sport.

Question: "Hiroshi, how would you summarize the MotoGP Season 2013?"
Yamada: "Overall it was a fantastic season - one of the best of all time All drivers have shown benefits at a very high level, and we were eye-witnesses, like Marc. has broken record after record and Jorge defended his title passionately. I think by the MotoGP has won many new fans. "
"Personally, I am glad that even though we put our main focus on the production of safe and user-friendly tires, eleven times qualifying fastest times and ten lap records were improved This shows the potential of our tires, the year with 24 riders to start.. - the largest field since Bridgestone has come to MotoGP - shows that the series grows And when I heard that the number of spectators at the race this year was the highest of all time, it confirmed my opinion that the 2013 season one of the. best of all time. "

Question: "In view of the driver: Which performance stood out for you this year out?"
Yamada: "Honestly, there were too many highlights, as that one could pick out just a few of Marc's dominance in the America Grand Prix (in. Austin, editor's note) showed what a talent has come here in the series. Jorge's brave performance in Assen was worthy of a true champion, and his race at Motegi was the most impressive demonstration of controlled driving I've ever seen have. "
"Marc and Jorge's duel at Silverstone was for the fans a fascinating show Valentino's victory at Assen -. I could go on for long so then there were benefits as Aleix (Espargaro), who qualified in Germany to start fifth what. was simply impressive for a CRT machine., the fact that you can not pick out a few highlights shows how wide the talents are distributed in MotoGP., the future of the sport looks bright. "
"Extreme Situation" at Phillip Iceland

Question: "There were many highlights, but the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Iceland must have been a shock for you."
Yamada: "Yes, Phillip Iceland was an extreme situation that we had never been before so we knew. that Phillip Iceland is a demanding track for the tires, so we have prepared ourselves with extensive simulations on the race. When we were faced with the situation that we had to do two things. Firstly, we had to make the best of the circumstances and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. "
"Secondly, we had to learn from it, so that problems do not happen in the future. Given the tire allocation for Phillip Iceland I was glad that we have worked with me the racing line and the Dorna, to ensure the safety of the drivers and the fans to present a good show. Now we need to find a tire compound that fits the new surface by Phillip Iceland. The main part of this work we will do for a test that takes place there early next year. "

Question: "During your long career at Bridgestone they were active both as a unit supplier and competition between two manufacturers in MotoGP What was more interesting for you.?"
Yamada: "In the era in which there were several tire manufacturers, certainly came the element of competition to what many fans have guessed, but it is difficult to say which era has ensured the better race. "
"This is currently level, as I said, due to the great depth of talent. MotoGP is currently very healthy, which is also a sign that there were great races in recent years. Personally, I am proud that drivers on different motorcycles and win with different driving styles and different strategies races, even though they all use the same tires. This is not only a testament to their phenomenal skills, but also shows that our efforts to enlarge the window of the tire and thus the power easier to make available, the riders on different bikes allowed to develop maximum power. "
"This season is a good example. When Marc and Jorge look at, they have completely different driving styles, driving for various brands and yet have 14 wins decided among themselves and delivered many memorable battles at the top of the field., The time that the potential of our tires can be accessed in different ways. This is good for the championship. "
Performance of the open-class higher than expected

Question: "What was the greatest advancement in tire development, since you work in the industry?"
Yamada: "Most impressive for me to see how much the development of tire technology has advanced in recent years, this is the. result of several factors, not a single development owed. During tire development, it is as with any other high-tech industry. "
"If you look at the individual developments isolated from each other, you may not impress, but when you combine all developments together, you realize how amazing the positive changes of the past 20 years and the best part is:. Benefit from this development ultimately the customers. People often talk about the fact that technology from racing as the electronic control systems have also been introduced for road motorcycles. "
"But it is also important to emphasize how much has benefited for users on the road by the developments in motorsport tire technology Whether we are talking about the rubber compound or the design -. A modern tires of a road bike has a lot of technology, and in the case of Bridgestone much of it was developed on the race track. "

Question: "What can we expect in terms of tire expect from the 2014 MotoGP season?
Yamada: "At the moment we are still analyzing the data that is gained at the test in Valencia and the private test last week. It turns out, however, know that the performance of the new bikes in the Open class is quite high. It will be a challenge to deliver softer rear tire for these machines, but I hope next year to some exciting battles between the factory bikes and the open motorcycles. "
"During the winter we will develop the tires for the pre-season testing We want to improve the two key characteristics for the driver:.., The warm-up behavior and a better usability addition, we will pursue our chosen path in the development of the rear tires on and for each route provide two different tire options, so that the tire choice on race day is variable. "
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