Author Topic: Burgman 650 Clutch Project (Moving On -- 03-10 Have the clutch disassembled))  (Read 7745 times)


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Im still thinking it's the cvt, either belt or weights..... i know that's a bigger job than you want to get into. But the belt not gripping properly would cause the slipping effect you describe...

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I have had some inputs from BURGMANUSA Forum about the CVT and stuff that can gowrong (not the belt)and ofcourse the belt also. I don't think I want to mess with it, But, I sure would like to see inside it.

There is a servo motor with pastuc gears that drives the plastic gears on the primary pulley (to open and close it) and a sensor that send information about the primary pulley spread back to the computer. I may be able to remove those without tearing the whole machine apart.  There is also a Primary spline gear (shatinto the primary pulley from motor) that one guy said you could remove and check splines.

I may take a look and see how hard that stuff is to get at. I justdo notwant to go to the trouble to drop the whole drive train down to get to the CVT Case.
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