Author Topic: AUG 23 & 24, SAT & SUN --- Ride Morning to Beat Heat (I hope) & Legion Pancakes  (Read 436 times)


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SAT and SUN basically less than 20% rain early and around 40% later. TEMPS will be HOT by noon (90s).   MON and TUE about the same with a bit less rain chance.
Too far ahead to worry about MON and TUE (but usually do ride on TUE as it is Betty's Game Day).
SAT and SUN --- I plan to do early start 1/2 day rides.
SAT, Aug 23 --- American Legion (Post 104) has a Pancake Breakfast 7 to 11AM (all you can eat $5).
I can't swear to it, but think that is the legion located across from HARDEE's just west of downtown Sevierville on Main (Chapman).
I am pretty sure I will be able to ride (Cataract surgery left eye THU, today.  DR was OK with riding on SAT the last time I had right eye done on THU). 
SO, I plan to drop by the Legion for pancakes and ride after. ANY INTEREST - CONTACT ME and we can set a time to meet at the Legion. Otherwise, I will just play it by ear.
I prefer to go to the Legion pretty early to allow time for a few hours of riding. 90F at noon and 95F at 3PM (get home and beat the heat).
SUN, Aug 24 -- My usual Sunday Morning Ride to someplace. Start early and home by around noon or 1PM (beat the heat 89F at noon and 92F at 3PM). ANY INTEREST - LET ME KNOW and work a plan to suit. Otherwise, I will just play it by ear. 
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)