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Good New York Times article on MotoGP star Marc Marquez
« on: September 13, 2014, 04:01:34 pm »
from the website:

Sport Turns a Corner and Sees Its Future, at 200 M.P.H.

Marc Márquez Continues Dominance With British Grand Prix Win

AUG. 31, 2014

SILVERSTONE, England — Some Spanish journalists know him as El Niño — the kid — while some English reporters have called him the Smiling Assassin, for his genial nature off the track and the killer instinct he displays once his helmet is on.

Just about everybody in motorcycle racing agrees, though, that Marc Márquez is a phenomenon, breaking records at a rate unmatched in the history of the sport and doing it at an age that made him last year, at 20, the youngest champion in the 65-year history of the sport’s elite division.

Racing here on Sunday in the British Grand Prix, held at the site of a World War II bomber base, Márquez, now 21, captured his 11th victory in 12 MotoGP races this year.

Márquez, the son of a Spanish heavy equipment operator from a village outside Barcelona, hinted in an interview before the Silverstone race that his ever-present smile, and his modesty, can mislead the unaware into underestimating how tough a competitor he can be.

“When helmet goes on, Marc is no more nice,” he said. “Racing is racing. And I race, always, to win.”

Márquez has found success in a way that is redefining the laws of motorcycling physics: with aggressive — some of his rivals would say unreasonably risky — cornering, braking and overtaking techniques that have led some who follow the sport to describe his maneuvers as those of “an angry wasp.”

to read the rest of the excellent article click this link:


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