Author Topic: Dan's Online Motorcycle Repair Course - a review  (Read 986 times)

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Dan's Online Motorcycle Repair Course - a review
« on: October 17, 2014, 02:08:34 am »
This is a generic "how to" but a really good one I think.

The author, Dan, in his motorcycle shop.

Dan is an old style motorcycle mechanic who has a one man shop in a small town in Idaho.  He's been wrenching since the late 60's and says he's in the process of retiring.  He's written up his advice on most motorcycle maintenance tasks and put them together in the form of an online motorcycle repair course.  I really like it.  It's written somewhat in the style of the classic "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step-By-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot" by John Muir.  It assumes you don't know too much about fixing bikes but I can assure you even us veteran motorcycle tinkerers can find some good tips here.

Think of it this way.  If you're getting ready to do a valve job, or work on the electrical system, wouldn't you like to hear what advice an experienced old line mechanic might give you? Or, if you don't work on your bike yourself, wouldn't it be good to know what's involved in the repair so you can speak intelligently to the folks who will fix it?

This link takes you directly to Dan's motorcycle course:

This link takes you to the site home page:

Good Stuff!
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Re: Dan's Online Motorcycle Repair Course - a review
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2014, 07:57:35 am »
very cool,  thanks for the resource Chris