Author Topic: Coustom (Rebuilt) Burgman 400 (Guy on Burgman Forum Bought)  (Read 719 times)


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Coustom (Rebuilt) Burgman 400 (Guy on Burgman Forum Bought)
« on: April 06, 2015, 01:11:07 pm »
2008 400 I (Guy on Burgmnan Forum)  purchased Saturday for $2500 (it is a rebuild - slid at 20MPH, plastic damage only,  but totaled, and then bought back, etc.)  Guy said, at first he didn't like the look but it grew on me based on the mileage, 4k, and the way it rides.

Pictures of what he bought.
I (Paul) says, I can understand liking the ride and it is something different, but I would pick different  colors.

Paul says, here is a U-Tube video of a Burgman 400 that he says is same as his, I say close but not the same. 

The scooter featured in this video review looks similar to the one I bought. I am wondering how widespread this conversion is.  IT HAS AIR RIDE.  :happypep

I (Paul) says -- I am not sure the handle bars are stock (lloks like alonger reach) and  the new mirrors (out far and in to narrow) for decent visibility, but the look cool. Stock Burgman 400 mirrors are on handle bar and give excellent visibility (better than the 650 low mount mirrors). I don't like noisy mufflers either. But, the guy is having a ball - too bad he did not know more about a Burgman 400 when filming this.
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