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My Friend, Curt, soon to be enemy cause he lost the Ride Report I posted a couple days ago trying to move it to Open Discussion. HA! Just kidding. Here it is again.

My opinion - I say Ride Reports will ge tlost in Open Discussion as that covers too much territory. But< I am new on the block. :-)

By the way, my rides may not be much interest to the Knee Dragging Crowd -I ride, but a long way from dragging a Knee (unless I fall off). I just country road it and mostly around a 100 mile radius one way from area of I-40, Exit 407. I live in Boyds Creek, have a E Mail list with about 50 on it (of which about 5 or 10 ride). I have done roughly 185,000 miles sine May of 2001 when I started riding again in May of 2001 after a 35 year absence. Add it up -- I ain't no spring chicken (73 yeras old this Sept), so, I try to keep both wheels upright. Pretty successful so far - no downs, a few drops when stopped. HA!

OK now we are thru that - here is rdie report. Two ofus left for Sweetwater Valley Farms for a morning ride, back at 12:30PM. Met another rider on the way att he Marathon on Hwy 411.

Good Country Roads (a few new ones for me - I guess there are some left I have not been on HA!). Finally, a fun stop at Sweetwater Farms - the lady was MC friendly and fixed some fried Curd sampes as wella s plenty of cheese samples. ENJOY - pictures (limited to 10 is hard)

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Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)

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i like your ride reports paul, glad to see them back on here..... well atleast this one, lol. i live on boyds creek also, and if i can get a day off im gonna do some riding. i like looping from northview to thorngrove, midway, kodak rd, john sevier, to porterfield gap, back to boyds creek and home. turns out to be 75 miles roughly and a very nice afternoon jaunt.
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Love the ride reports Paul. 

Knee dragging neandrathal(sp?) or not its always great to see the pics n read the stories.

I used to do the tour-de-countryside thing but it just got to detremental to keeping my license so pardon me if I live vicariously thru your adventures..

You might like these ride report links from a canadian friend doing 6 weeks, Canada, newengland USA states, Key west, back to the west coast and up to Canada again.

"Her Epic oil filter failure on day 2, Operation rescue Olive.

And her ongoing ride report.  Hope you enjoy.

I may not always post in the ride reports but I do look at them..
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Love the report! I wanna milk a cow!!! :34
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Hey All --- Thanks for the positive responses (don't encourage me too much, I ride two or three days a week - I could drive you nuts HA!).

Sorry for all the TYPO's in The Sweetwater Farm report (should have done a proof). I am a two finger typist (goofed off in HS Typing Class about 54 years ago HA!). I will try to be more careful in the future.

By the way, I ride a Burgman 650 Scooter (have 40,000 on it), had a Kawasaki 800 Cruiser (had 86,000 on it). Just sold the Kawa and bought a used 2008 Ninja 500 (some say Old Age Crazy, taken from Middle Age Crazy). Just got tired of riding the cruiser and wanted something different (part prompted by how good the Burgman 650 handles).

Having fun with the NINJA.  Even though it is a kick to ride and has a somewhat upright position, I managed 1200 miles in the last couple weeks. IT SURE IS ROUGH ON THE OLD BODY (that is Old age body).  Some risers (about 3 inches HA!) and pegs moved forward about 5 inches - I would be set.

MAIN THING IS (Pardon an old Fuddy Dud's complaint and advice) - I don't care what anyone rides, but I do care about folks putting risk on other folks on Public Roads with reckless riding or driving. That is not just Sport Bikes, but Cruisers as well. Any folks that take chances and really don't learn some basic rider education information. 
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)


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Jeff - Boyds Creek'er  - That is a nice loop route (Thorgrove, Kodak, etc.). As a matter of fact some darn good roads just toour norht on this side of the river - as I am guessing you know (Kibmberlin Heights for one, Union, and the Ridge road from Porterfield Gap back over to Union).

I live off McCleary - often use Ray's Gap to Union (or Kimberlin) to get to Porterfield and on into Knoxville or heading north from home.

Typically, I ride Tuesday morning (morning ride as we help at Food Ministry in afternoon). I ride Thursdays as wife Volunteers at Hospital - a free get away day for me with - NO COMPLAINTS HEARD. HA!

Then ride errands, go to the gym, etc. other days.

Saturday - sometimes, but not a regular weekend rider.

Sunday - Morning rides as wife is a churcher and I am not.

E Mail me and maybe we can at least meet - or, do a lopp with you (ever been up Bluff Mtn, or the Homestead, or English Mtn?? I call that the Three Mtn Ride.

You can ride in front if you want to Hot Rod (just don't fill my mirrors - I like space). :-) 
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)

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Paul, Not all of us are hot rodders, haha And love the ride reports. Good stuff. I will see what I can do about extending the limit on the pics. They only give us so much bandwidth to work with. But I think I can up it a few. Also this site is full of all different kinds of riders. :3 some knee draggers but even those of us that are knee draggers know that there is a time and place for that. And know I have a bike that is a little more cruiser friendly I am looking forward to going on some of yours and smokinjoes rides.

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