Author Topic: ATGATT needed for Boyds Creek MC Accident.  (Read 813 times)


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ATGATT needed for Boyds Creek MC Accident.
« on: June 03, 2015, 08:08:50 pm »
I was following  MC from the Gas Station on Boyds Creek going east this AM (I was heading for the gym). There were a couple cars in front of him. They were moving (not unusual, but I would guess something over 55, maybe 60, in the straighter part of the road). I sort of dropped back when it got to a bit over 60 MPH (Indicated 60 would be about 56 actual). So, I was a good deal behind the group when the wreck happened and did not see it. .
There is a slight curve that is a very modest curve to the right and then a longer sweeping uphill curve to the left (a moderate sweeping long curve). I was back by then did not see the accident happen and was not aware until I came upon a guy climbing back over the guardrail.
I thought what the heck is this, then saw the MC wedged between the rail and the shoulder and pavement) Later look, it appeared he slid out and into the rail as left side of the bike was down. But it is his Right foot (high side) that is messed up. Maybe, he drug it on pavement before dismount over the rail or caught it on the rail. Beats me how?.
I rode past looking for a place to pull off and a couple cars behind me went by (did not even stop to help). I turned around at top of hill and went back. By then a couple cars west bound had stopped and one lady was calling 911. I parked behind the cars and went down to the rider. 
By then he was siting on the guard rail and looked in pretty good shape until I looked down at his foot. REALLY MESSED up RIGHT FOOT (all skin gone from top of foot from ankle to the toes and full width of the foot  - tendons and maybe bone showing).
He was sitting against the guardrail and not needing assistance. The lady was by him and I tried to keep traffic going (alternating east and then west). He mentioned his Helmet and Cell Phone being over the  (guardrail) and needing to call his wife. I used mine to dial his wife and let him talk.
All The Gear All The Time ---  I would say the Helmet was only protection he had on -- rest was shorts, t-shirt, and I am guessing no shoes (maybe thongs are sandals, but both feet were bare). He would have saved himself much suffering with heavy shoes to protect that foot that now has no skin on top of the foot. AN UGLY SICKENING SIGHT. 
Picture I took as I was leaving and police and ambulance were arriving. I attached it to my E Mail sent to riders list with full megabytes (zoom in and see the foot and then think ATGATT for you folks that like to ride like you are in a car). Can't see the damage to foot here.

I am so amazed he was not messed up more than he is. It is a modest curve (100 mph one for some - not me).
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