Author Topic: Congress passes five-year Highway Bill, including big wins for motorcyclists.  (Read 836 times)

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I like all of this.  The benefits for motorcycling are welcome as is the bill generally.  We've been underfunding our surface transportation infrastructure for a long time and it's been catching up to us.   Since we all use the highways it's good that this bill got bipartisan support.


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Roads have been sucking for years

Back issues will make you painfully aware of the fact

Pun intended.

This is good
What does "riding season" mean?


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Not up on details, but isn't the amount of the funding considered Not Enough Funding to take care of problems and needs?

Sort of kick it down the road as they are doing in TN with the need to raise gas tax to keep funds as needed for TN Roads. Gov Haslam sees a need, but the congress does not (no tax congress regardless of circumstances and needs).   
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