Author Topic: The Island in Pigeon Forge (Not an Event -- info on a place to Hang Out)  (Read 703 times)


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We (Jim/Karen & Paul/Betty) did a little visit to The Island Sunday evening (8PM til 10PM) hoping to miss the heat. It was still plenty warm until the sun got low and finally went down. 
The Island is kind of a fun place to just hang out. This whole area is a good place to hang out. :-)
We did indulge in some Frozen Yogurt. Try samples (they only allow two small cups now). Then, don't over fill your cup as it is priced like gold by the pound. It does not take much to make $5 (like about the equivalent of three small dips of Ice cream).
Anyway, sending this to Jim / Karen and thought might as well let the rest know where to hang out.
One hang out is sit around the water fountain watch the water show to music.
"Johhny Be Good" was making the fountain dance.
By the way, that is to be my funeral (PARTY) song along with "A Good Hearted Woman Married to a Good Timin' Man". Gotta give Betty some credit for putting up with me.

Jim / Karen / Betty
Parrot Mtn has a store there with as you can see birds on display. What beautiful colors some birds have.
Parrot Mtn is a place worth visiting (Sevier County rates use to be available). We have been a couple times. Took MC groups there twice (hardly anyone went). It was not a Ride to Eat. HA!   
One would think the bird on right has a broken neck and is dead.  I thought they were stuffed birds when I first saw them.
This 5 & 10 dates back to 1927 when it was in Knoxville. It was on Chapman near Moody before moving to The Island a year or so ago.  Everything under the sun in there and a neat place to browse around.
Bring Money or Credit Cardsss (plural). If I understood one of those is 1/4 pound. 

And one little square of Fudge is $4.75 (buy 4 for like $17 and get two free).
Several flavors on back wall. They now limit to two small (very small) cups for tasting.

We had strawberry, peanut butter, banana (CW - some left after we indulged a bit).  Betty and I shared one bowl (three small dips), Jim/Karen did the same with different flavors. Each was $4.85. Fill that bowl to heaping (likely $15).
Then you can go climb around on this attraction to burn off calories. We did the one at Dollywood with Kids and G-Kids.
The water fountain during a music water show (lot of ncie chairs to sit a nd enjoy).  A short movie I made of Music Water Show is ATTACHED. TURN YOUR VOLUME UP as it's old time Rock and Roll (Johnny Be Good). 
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)

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I think we're planning on going tomorrow for the first time.  Audrey really wants to ride the ferris wheel.

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There is parking with a shuttle (FREE) in the convention center lot (north end of lot).

Some evenings there is Bluegrass  Music at the Distillery (near the fountain).  Nice chairs to sit in all over the place (sit and  relax). There are a lot of rides for children also. Most things there are over priced. You get tickets at one main ticket office in the area of the Ferris Wheel (west of the wheel).

In case you want to take a little walk along the river -- there is a paved path that starts at the north end of the parking area and just south of the bridge from the Island to the parking area and runs along the river. You can go all the way to Patriot Park but part of it becomes along streets. We take bicycles down there and ride sometimes. Beautiful path along the river.

My suggestion is Eat Off the Island if you plan to eat out unless you want a special evening for $$$.

One other thing you might want to do (just something FREE to see) is at the MAZE in a building at the north end of the island (north of Ferrris Wheel) that has a viewing room to watch people in the maze thru a one way glass.
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)