Author Topic: American Oldies (Music) at Country Tonight Theater - All County Days $6  (Read 654 times)


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Not a bad way to end a Friday 300 mile ride with the other Jim (WI Jim) and Marc from Evansville. The ride has been reported in Ride Reports.
Jim Wilson brought a group (10 counting he and Sharon)from Knox County to see American Oldies (Patty Wazak  & Guests) at Country Tonight. Betty and I joined them - actually, I made the reservations for the 12 of us. 

American Oldies: BY THE WAY - ALL COUNTY DAYS ($6 Ticket) goes thru July and August. It is on certain Friday Nights during the month (Call Theater for Information).

I think all enjoyed the American Oldies show with parry and JC (her husband) and guests (two of them). Patty was in good form with her joke stories and sings as well as playing all kinds of instruments. The guests do a good job also.
PICTURES  tell the story. Stage lighting messes up a lot of them, but you can get the idea.
A meetup at McD at 7PM for Bull Session (and food if you want to eat) before the show. The theater is just around the corner so we have been meeting at McD and then going to the theater about 7:35 to pick up tickets.

We could not find anyone to take out pictures, so there are two pictures. The young couple in the first picture, so young compared to the rest of us, took one (next picture) with Betty and me in it.
Took two picture here also as I missed the gent (young couple) in this picture. The two empty seats in the first picture are mine and betty's.  Peggy & John are the last two in the row next to our empty seats.
JIm (Sharon on his right) and Becky/Boyd to his left are the last of our group.   

In other words we had six in two rows. I think I remember the names - Jerry/Amanda, Sharon/Jim, Becky/Boyd in this row behind our row,
OK. enough introductions -- ON WITH THE SHOW !!!!

Patty opening the show. Some pictures show the instruments she plays on a table behind her.

She has a good singing voice as well.

Guest, I forget his name, does Elvis and another act later. He is OK. Another guest, Evans, has a good voice. I got a blurry picture of the second guest and did not save it. 
JC and Patty do a couple numbers together and he does a couple solo's. There is a little dance scene going on here.
Throw in a little audience participation with humor by Patty (was good for a standing ovation, an ovation encouraged by Patty for benefit of the guests).  ;D
Hank Williams had a daughter --- we saw her in FL at a state fair (she was DANG Good). Never heard anymore about her??? This display is in Lobby at Country Tonight Theater.

Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)