Author Topic: Burgman 400 Scooter -- High Beam Repair  (Read 764 times)


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Burgman 400 Scooter -- High Beam Repair
« on: August 01, 2016, 05:29:39 pm »
Scooter High Beam Fix.

The High Beams (two of them) have been out for a couple weeks that I know when I tried a new bulb. Did't figure it was a bulb being both week out, but could have been. 

Finally got ambition to take plastic off to see if I could find the cause of the High Beams not working, should say intermittently not working. At times I could move handle bars or mess with the cable or connector in cable and cause them to work.
Took the front plastic which includes the headlight assembly off to have access to the cabling. Not a lot of access provided even with the front off and I could not  trace the wire in question. The wire harness makes no sense and I was not going to try to unwrap it to trace the wire. There is one connector that might be involved , but could not gain access to it and the wires coming out of it are not the yellow with a brown circle about every inch (same color as the wires going to the high beam terminal and the wire from the s witch on handle bar).
Anyway, I did as TerrE and I discussed which was to run a parallel wire from the switch on handle bar to  a point where I could tie the two high beam wires together. All working now.  :happyrider
The piece of plastic below the windshield and above the headlights is loose here and ready to come off (second picture) after you take a couple scrws loose (first picture).

That piece has been removed in 3rd picture.

The picture of the fender and forks shows (each side) a Philip screw and two snap rivets that come off. Then there are four screws at the floorboard (each side of the scooter) that have to come off. Sorry, I did not take a picture of that area.

Then the front assembly (Leg Protectors and Headlights) can be removed. Picture shows back side of that where the connectors are. 

Holes (upper right and left are where the blinker lights mount, they turn a quarter turn and come out), the headlight bulbs are still mounted (rubber seal around them), just the wire harness connector is removed, there are two other connectors that are far the running lights (bulbs still in with wire harness connector removed).

The front of the Scooter with the Leg and Headlight Assembly removed. A "Y" harness with each side having a Blinker Light, a Running light connector, and the Low / High Beam / Ground wires going to the headlight connectors. Headlight High Beam Wire is the yellow with a brown circle about every inch.
There is only one wire coming from the switch on handle bar, so someplace in the wire bundle it becomes two wires (one for each bulb). Anyway, I peeled back the black insulation on the UP PART of that "Y" about an inch, then striped the insulation on the Yellow / Brown wire and and spliced in a  new wire from the handle
bar switch and joining the two wires together. 
Norris Dam - I don't think they anticipated such a turn out on a Friday. Not sure it was worth the wait for bus, wait to get in the power house, wait for bus back to parking. However, it was somewhat interesting to learn how it all came about.
I met Lynn at Tommy's Motorsports about 9;15AM and we hung out there a bit. Arrived at Appalachian Museum (parking area to catch a bus to the Dam) about 9:45AM to a line of cars. I was able to park Scooter near the line of folks waiting for a bus. Lynn parked his car and joined me soon after (line had grown another 20 foot). It was about 10:25AM when we finally got on a bus. We toured the Power House first (another line - 20 minutes I guess) and separated there. There were several displays set up at tents and also some equipment they use to repair damaged lines, etc.  Never saw Lynn again, assume he went on home.
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