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Battery installed new 01-22-2016 at 12.73 v No Load.

Had a problem AM of 04-11-2016 - would not start. Checked it out on 04-12-2016 - had 9.73V.
I checked voltage this AM and had 9.73V.

Called the company (MotoBATT) to see what they had to say before I tried charging it (they give 2YR Warranty).

They gave me an explanation that I had a lot of question about. Said, 9.73V was not likely a bad cell and suspected loose terminal. These batteries do have a lousy lousy terminal situation in that there is an Allen screw securing what is more of a normal terminal that you would use on a normal battery to connect the bike cables to. (dumb to me). They said this could cause battery to be low voltage (what after I just rode 200 Miles FRIDAY with no problems, parked it, and tried to start it Monday).

Anyway, had to go along with what they said and wanted me to do (before they would consider sending me a new battery). BTW, they do sometimes if they are convinced it is a battery problem after checking voltages and doing their procedure. Don't always require return of the old battery -- just ship back the top plate).


Check Terminal screws and the Allen screw. The Allen screws were tight, I gave them an extra tweak. I had  the Terminal Screws disconnected anyway (they were tight before I disconnected).

Then charge the battery by paralleling the battery with another 12v battery and then applying the charger. So, I took battery out of my VAN to the basement and connected it to the CB500X battery (parallel), then connected my portable Car Charger (it charges and reduces current as things get charged up). I watched the voltage and current and when current got from 9A to 3A, I disconnected the CB500X battery connectio to the Car Battery (curent dropped to 2A on the car battery). I let it charge the car battery a bit longer. 

Then, I applied the trickle charger to the CB500 Battery. It charged for a short time and then shut off (auto shutoff when battery is charged -  voltage at 13.35VDC).

Took trickle charger off the battery. Voltage settled at 12.85VDC after a short time.  Hooked up the CB500X cables and read 12.83VDC. Started engine and read 14.xxVDC at  battery terminal when engine was at idle (looks like my charging circuit is OK). Took a test ride to PO, then a short round about ride home.

ALL OK NOW -- Maybe they are right. Will hold judgement for a few days to see what happens.

PS: Still can't imagine how the battery got discharged (they say a loose connection will do that --- guy I was talking to had that happen on a ride, stopped at a gas station and bike would not restart, found a loose connection, got things charged up and no more problems).   I WONDER??   
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CB500X Battery (MotoBatt brand) that I started this topic about (fist post) showed up again.

Symptoms: Aug 23 morning had a dead battery (3.4V) after having ridden Aug 10 and Aug 16 (long ride on 16th to NC) and not sure if I rode between Aug 16 and 23rd, I think maybe a short ride one day (gym or errands).

Called MotoBatt  (BY THE WAY -- they are very good to deal with and Knowledgeable, I THINK). I say I think because I agree with final analysis, but I have some suspicions or questions.

Maybe someone can share thoughts on this. ???????

Bsically, their analysis after going thru the same CHARGE IT UP & TAKE DATA (same procedure as last time, April, which is: Hook a good battery in parallel, charge it, and then Measure No-Load voltage, Measure again a hour later, and Measure again 24 hours later.   

I had Charger light going on and off at 13.17v with charger still connected.
Had 13.13v after disconnecting charger.
Had 12.99v after 1 hour of no load on battery.
Had 12.74v after 24 hours of no load on battery.

Then I connected Battery to MC.
Had 12.67v after connection to MC.
Had 12.56v after 11 hours connected to MC.
Had 12.61v after 15 hours connected to MC.

Then I connected GPS -  I had it connected sometime between AUG 16 and Aug 23 and wanted to see what effect it had. Not sure it was connected that full 4 1/2 days) I expected near zero drain as once GPS is charged, can't imagine it drawing much.

I had 12.55v right before connecting the GPS.
Had 12.46v right after connecting the GPS.
Had 12.36v 7 1/2 hours after connecting to GPS.
Should have left it another 24 hrs at least. Did not as I called MotoBatt with all the data.

His thought were that battery is OK, but being drained by something (a short on bike - whatever).
MY OPINION - it would have to be an intermittent problem BECAUSE the bike often sits 2 or 4 days before using and from JAN to APRIL  and again from April to AUG never had a problem except in April and again in AUG.   

However, I agree with him the battery is charging and holding charge. I guess holding charge from 13.13v to 12.68v after 24 HR No Load and dropped another 0.10v with MC connected, and another 0.20v with GPS connected for 7 1/2 hours.

I agree with him that a battery would not drop without a drain on it as this one has and not recharge and work if it had a problem. So, likely some problem in the bike. BUT I Don't Know I For Sure --- can a battery discharge because of some internal problem (intermittent one)?

While on Phone with MotoBatt -- I started the bike (kicked right over which surprised him, he felt like at 12.35V it would be tough to turn engine over). I would not have questioned that. Maybe should???
Battery with Engine at Idle Speed was 14.2v (OK in my book).

Battery with High Beam on and engine not running was 11.94v -- High beam draws I think 5 AMP.Most time set on High Beam when turn key on, but think High Beam gets turned off temporarily when hit start button.   
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I am thinking of buying a portable charger, one of those little Lithium Battery deals that do EVERYTHING -- Start a car engine and only weigh a couple pounds and are like 3 x 6 x 1 or something.

Researched some and think NOCO GB40 would do the trick or WEEGO JS12 would also.
NOCO GB40 has mostly good reviews and lot of them.  Both have safety features regarding accidental shorting or hooking up wrong polarity.

MotoBatt guy recommends either one and SELLS Them. His prices are GB40  $100 and JS12 is $120 - includes shipping. His WEEGO JS12 has some extra capability to charge a laptop and an additional extra  phone charger battery with it.

Same price for the GB40 on E Bay and at WALMART. JS12 is cheaper on E Bay and Amazon at $100.

WEB Links:

JS12 on Amazon -- but, I think shipping and tax would be added.

GB40 at WALMART - Free Shipping, but add tax.

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I've been thinking about your problem and it seems to me to boil down to these bullets

1.  Battery has gone flat twice in 6 months or so.

2. Both times the battery checked OK after consulting with manufacturer and recharged and held a charge.

3.  The bike charging system checked good both times and has kept the battery charged for months at a time between incidents.

So, if the battery is OK and the bike's charging system is OK then there must be something causing the battery to discharge intermittantly.

Because of the occasional and intermittent nature of the problem I would guess the ignition switch might be the most likely suspect.  If it left power connected to something on the bike even though you had it swictched off if could cause exactly the sort of discharge you've been seeing.  But the problem in finding the defect is that it only happens every few months.  I think duplicating the problem may be pretty hard.  If it were to happen again I would connect a meter between the battery hot lead and the terminal and see if there was any current flow with the ignition switch turned off.  Plainly, with the switch turned off there should be none.   But just switching the ignition switch from one set of contacts to the other in trying to start the bike would probably restore the switch to normal function so there you are, stuck again.  It may be that the best you can hope for is for the darn thing to break and stay broken so you can track it down.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.




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Thanks Chris --- Likely a good idea - for sure it is intermittent and I tend to agree with the Dealer and you seem to also "That the battery is OK". I had good (sensible) discussions with this dealer and feel he is knowledgeable about Batteries (more than me).

PS: I rode the bike Sunday -- all OK had 12.38V before I started it and had 12.92v immediately after I got home. I added a couple leads to be able to measure it without taking seat off. Going to be checking it regularly. 

I ordered the NOCO GB40 ($99.96 with FREE Shipping)portable Jump Starter from same Dealer (good for cars also, and cell phones also), hopefully it will make sure I get home if something happens on the road.  What research I did, the GB40 has very good reviews and a lot of reviews.

NOCO GB40 is available on E-Bay or at Walmart for same price (or $100).  Just have felt comfortable talking to the dealer I bought MotoBat from, so went with him.
In case anyone is interested ---  1-877-232-5878 Daren is his name and they are  in KY. 

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Battery discharge problem resolved, it was a drain on battery from the Cable /Power Source for the GARMIN. Circuitry inside the plug, it has a green light that is on -- that made me think it might be the cause.

Regardless whether or not the GARMIN is connected, the Cable /Power for it draws pwer for it's internal circuity. Mine is not connected thru the ignition switch - so battery was being drained.  :groan

I solved the problem by disconnecting the GARMIN Cable / Power from the 12 vdc power out plug when not using GARMIN.

I don't know why I was convinced it was an intermittent problem (I guess I just did not pay as close attention to how long the bike sat with the Cable/Power for the GPS connected).   
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