Author Topic: 11-13-2012 Ride Plan (SUNDAY AM til About 2PM)  (Read 453 times)


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11-13-2012 Ride Plan (SUNDAY AM til About 2PM)
« on: November 12, 2016, 03:50:39 pm »
Been communicating with Mike (Scooter) about riding Carryville MTN and onward to Hwy 297/63 via the 7 miles or so of gravel (goes thru Norma, TN).
Meetup at Bojangles' (Hwy 61 and I-75 intersection just west of I-75) for 9AM Depart. I may get there early for a Biscuit / Gravy (sale at $0.99) 
I routed from Carryville to Hwy 297/63 (the interesting part over Carryville Mtn and the gravel portion). I will route return home soon. I plan to be back home (Seymour) by 1 or 2PM.,-84.2194641/36.2930648,-84.2520798/36.2384631,-84.330014/36.2871973,-84.3623461/36.3790232,-84.3961953/@36.30915,-84.3950565,16638m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0

Typically, the gravel is not a bad road (a bit rougher than some gravel in places). However, I mention that one never knows about gravel roads (depends on latest grading, re-gravel operations).

DOUBT Anyone will be Interested. If INTERESTED, best to let me know (as we might leave a few minutes early) or show up at Bojangels' before 9AM. 
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Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)