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FRI Evening & SAT All Day May 19, 20 ---- Blommin' BBQ & Bluegrass in Sevierville Downtown - Lot of Music (FREE all day) and BBQ (over priced) and Vendors (some nice stuff and some you don't need), Playground (Children and Young at heart).  Ricky Skaggs is Main Performer SAT Eve.
Memories Theater --- Found out the Magic Show (FREE) I thought was Darren's Theater is at Memories Theater. Only on SAT now (during week after Memorial Day). Matinee at 2PM with limited FREE Seats (back 3 rows first come first served) for Sevier County only. Normally a $10 fee for better seats.
ALSO, their normal shows (evening) consists of two shows (different nights) and for Sevier County at other shows is $17.95 and normal fee is $29.95. New owners not offering deals that previous owner did.  :-(  865 428 7852
OBER Gatlinburg - Sevier, Cocke, Jefferson residents June 5 through June 11 ($3 donation gets you a tram ride and use of rides and facilities at Ober.  Donations support Mtn Hope Good Sheppard Clinic (Health Place for the Needy).
Sweet Fanny Adams -- FREE - going May 23 with Dick / Rhonda (Betty is not interested as does not like the Vaudeville Humor). Not my favorite either, but OK once in awhile for FREE.   
BBQ & Bluegrass visit FRI May 19 (see pictures below) Church Sisters do a good job on their music. They a have a different bluegrass sort of sound. Betty did not go with me last evening, so I rode Scooter down for a quick look around. By the way, it was hot  (90F) down there.
By the way, there is a concert at Dandridge SAT Evening (bluegrass) also.


Dolly's Statue walking around.  :)

Music scene as you enter from parking across the street (Harbor Freight and Biig Lot parking).

Street food area.

Vendor area. FREE can of Bush Bean and FREE Swaggerty sausage biscuit.

Children activity area.


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Magic Spectacular at Memories Theater - did it SAT at 2PM as a FREE show (seating in back three rows, decent view of the show, but not too good for picture taking as too far away). By The Way -- think show is on some weekdays starting next week or after Memorial Day (not sure exact schedule - call theater). I do think the back 3 rows are FREE again.

I took a few to give an idea of what it was.


First five pictures show the Memories Theater Venue. As I understand the other shows (not the magic Show) are $29.95 and Sevier County rate is $17.95.

Rest of the pictures show the Magic Show we attended (it was a fun small typical Magic Show -- we enjoyed and sure some children really enjoyed). Always wonder how they do some of the stunts.

The couple that does the Magic (sad I nearly cut the dog out of the pictrue -- dog is used ina scene shows up from nowhere). It's Magic.  :o

We were early and took a picture of near empty theater seating and stage while waiting (music and a few recorded jokes before the show).

Lighting from stage for pictures taken from our Nose Bleed Seats was not good. I did get three pictures with some audience interaction.
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We (Dick / Rhonda, and I - Betty does not like Vaudeville and stayed home) went to see Sweet Fanny Adams "Perfect Nonsense", one of the two shows this season. The other is "Frolic".
It's all Vaudeville style and not really my favorite choice of entertainment (hey, don't get me wrong, it's fun and some seemed to really like it, so it's a matter of choice). That said, I think the other show, Frolic, which I have not seen this year is more to my liking if it is like in the past. Anyway, this show also had some good entertaining moments and it is FREE this month to Sevier County.
HISTORY: In the 1960s a couple of dancers at Folies Bergere (Vegas) met and later married in 1964. They eventually Formed MacPherson Productions (after some years as entertainers in various states and countries). Sweet Fanny Adams was opened in 1977. Don McPherson died in 2010 of cancer after 46 years of marriage.
Their children (Chris and Jennifer McPherson) took over the theater and are also performers in the show.
EX: He is the Drunkard Captain and she is the Pirate lady.   
I met Dick/Rhonda at Kroger on Wears Valley Rd and we rode (Car) to Gatlinburg. Parking is close by the theater in a garage (like $4).
So, as usual here is the PICTURE Story.
Pre-Show. Dick had a Hot Dog at a small restaurant next door and they shared it. Good Looking Hot Dog.

You need a big mouth to eat hat dog (not saying Dick has a big mouth, but he is eating it).

Pre Door Opening of theater.
Pre-Show, pretty good crowd. So, it's a choice of a lot of folks. By the way, not a bad seat in the house as it's a small theater (well decorated I might add). We sat in the pew (very back of theater, elevated, and next to the spotlight. It's like a Church Pew.
Rest of pictures are a recap of the many short scenes.
Opening scene.

Some juggling and Nonsense (Perfect Nonsense is the name of the production).

There is an amount of audience interaction.
One of the favorite acts is "Raincoat Dance". A bit risque. :-)

A Sing Along in which you are required to sing along at risk of being up on stage if you don't. The cast monitors the audience. It is all Fun & Games. The lady dressed as a Pirate is very much in CONTOL of the procedure. 

Determining if this audience person was singing or not singing.
I don't think it matters if you sing or don't sing -- you just get picked as not singing as these two did.

The second half of the show after intermission is a story type production. A plot to take over the world with a SkyTube. These three are plotting that (actually the Pirate Lady on left and General in middle are having a discussion with the Black Guard on right). Turns out he is not into the plan and goes to help the Drunkard Captain to stop the take over of the world. (Something Like That as I understood it).

The Drunkard Captain near passing out at the local pub being encouraged to get up by the matron at the pub.

A couple audience members were encouraged to join the plot to take over the world.

In the end the take over effort was stopped by the Drunkard Captain and the cast did their bows at the end of the production.
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