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Creamtion I am interested in and solicit any knowledgeable comments about the topic.  ???

Betty and I attended a Seminar on Cremation at Chedders for the lunch (she is not interested in cremation, wanted a lunch). I went along (like FREE Lunch also) and I am planing cremation. HOPEFULLY, not anytime soon.  :happyrider
By the way, the lunch was real good. Betty had a giant salad (brought about 1/2 home), could easily split it.  I had soup, medium salad, and 1/2 sandwich that was thick with meat and cheese.   
It was a sales pitch (of course) by Neptune Society and was not high pressure (took about 45 min). Their pre paid plan is $2728.91 or finance with $499 down and $50 / Month (NO INTEREST if do it with in 2 weeks -- maybe allow a little more than 2 weeks). By the way, "Society" does not mean it is a membership non-profit, it's a profit enterprise. 
Main Benefits discussed: (sales pitch - have not seen a contract). 
Gather and maintain vital statistics (a form you fill out).
An 800 number to call at death to start ball rolling. (As I understand they handle everything from   transporting remains to cremation and give survivors the sashes - if anyone wants 'em). 
Removal of remains from place of death.
Transportation and refrigeration of remains in holding facility (until cremation certificate is signed and cremation completed). Any location including worldwide - like if you died on a cruise in foreign port or foreign travel. 
Procurement of all permits and fulfillment of holding times required by law.
Professional and administrative services required by Social Security.
Procurement of Death Certificates - one complimentary (rest needed you pay for at cost, like $15).
Cremation per Legal requirements.
Return ashes to family in urn (display or biodegradable).
Travel and Relocation Protection.
After joining (signing contract) -- A Memento Package including: a display or biodegradable urn, a pre-plan guide, photo keepsake urn (has a place for picture and a small place for some ashes - like who cares), and thank you cards.
By the way, the word society in Neptune Society is sort of a "come on" that implies non-profit organization. It's a business and parent company is Service Corporation International (New York Exchange -- symbol is SCI).
Information about cremation -- costs, reviews, complaints.

A few other websites I have looked at (INFO, and Other plans TN Creamtion "Society" and E TN Creamtion Society) - plans there for $990 and $1395 (limits on transportation of remains and storage costs waiting for cremation).

Some General Info web sites.

My thoughts, pros and cons, as of now:
I worry about performance on contract at the time despite the company (Neptune Society and SCI have been around a long time (but stuff happens). SCI is largest provider of funeral services and looks good on NY Exchage. They bought Neptune Society some time ago. Neptune has been around since 1973. See some good and bad reviews. Gett he impression bad reviews are 'People thought they were getting more than just a cremation - like thought there would be a memorial or something. You are on your own for any service or memorial. (I would be up for a MC Ride, party with Music - Johnny Be Good and for Betty Good Hearted Woman married to a Good Timing Man).   
Other than the worry about performance by Neptune (it's guaranteed - ?): the cost seems reasonable (cremations alone or cheaper, I think $1000 to $2000, but there are other expenses - transporting the body and storing the body, etc.). You do pay upfront and don't have your money to earn interest (interest not much these days). However, guarranteed agains cost increases in future for the services. 
The convenience of having someone handle everything at an emotional time (for survivors) would be a relief to know that details will be done. 
It is nationwide and worldwide as far as arranging transportation of the remains (that could be expensive if away from home and especially if in a foreign country - say a port at sea on cruise and you die). It would be dang hard to know what to do even at home, but say in another state away from home, let alone in a foreign country.
I don't know anything about what has to be done, but know you can't legally transport a dead body in your own vehicle. So, by air or ambulance.

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Interesting information. Hopefully nothing anyone here has to worry about for some time.
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Interesting information. Hopefully nothing anyone here has to worry about for some time.

You know what they say about "Donor Cycle Riders"  :banghead
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Dug up some more INFO for comparison. East TN Society $1395 plan. Talked to them (Brian if you call 865 951 0360) 50 mile ($2.50 per mile for extra) 48 hour storage, but as I told you not a problem of some over that (they don't want weeks or months delays). Claim that out of town, out of state is not a problem as other providers take over (not sure what additional cost would be). I would say work OK if you think you will be in 50 mile radius (they are off Pellissippi Parkway). They are part of Rose Mortuary which is part of Selected Independent)  Tn Society (Nashville I think) $990 Plan. I have not talked to them.
Links to General Info
Local Cremation Services
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If it matters.  .
The basement hippie had her hisband cremated, bypassed all funerary

Then flushed his ashes down a public toilet at an interstate rest area.

Second person ive known to flush remains. . . .

Just saying
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hope you guys ain't getting a load to go today!! i just want a load of dynomite & go out w :happypep :happypepith a bang , sons are for it . don't matter . i won't be there.
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