Author Topic: PAULRIDES Oct 4 - Ride to N Cumberland Range to Shoot & Stop at Liars Bench  (Read 265 times)


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Planned to do the Gym and then Shoot. Decided best to go Shoot and then Ride.  :happypep

Did not take camera, so just a few pictures with Cell Phone at the range and at a stop at Scotty's for nourishment and a break under the Liar's Bench Canopy (kind of like porch setting watching the vehicles  go by, cars and trucks on Interstate 75 at Carryville).  :pop

One other local liar showed up -- but was not lying about fishing or hunting, so I think telling the truth about other things.   O) 

22 Rifle - amazed it was so close at 50 yards (must have adjusted at 50 yards last time out).
The first 8 rounds (3 in quadrant 3 were good group with in 1/2 to 3/4 inch of center). Adjusted the scope an then got a little wild with the next 5 rounds. :-(
The second 8 rounds were at a target someone left behind and I patched it up with Dots. Pretty well scattered around center. (see next picture of white target).
The third 7 rounds were at a 3 inch target and best of the day (all but one in about an inch and just left of center).
The fourth 7 rounds were at a 2 inch target (couple got off the black).   
22 Pistol - I like the 22 pistol partly cause it is cheaper to shoot (got last 500 rounds on sale for less than $0.05 per round vs what use to be as much as $0.10 to 0.08 when I started shooting a couple years ago). Generally, I am mote accurate with the 22 than the 9MM Pistol.
I lost one of the target pictures (20 rounds at 20 feet). So, only have one target with the 22 pistol (10 rounds at 10 feet marked X, and 10 rounds at 30 feet marked O)
9 MM was much better today than my usual -- I did get a couple rounds off the paper and still have the tendency to go low and left (not bad on the first 21 rounds).
Some of this was Draw, Rack, Shoot quickly and then fire 2 or 4 rounds- then repeat (21 rounds total at 20 feet).

First 10 marked 1 thru 10 where 15 foot - Draw Rack Shoot a couple rounds - Moved my Position and Shoot again. 
Second 10 marked A thru J where 18 feet - Draw, Rack, Shoot 3 or 4 and Repeat that. (My Low and Left show up on these).
The Range --
Couple guys sighting in their Muzzle Loaders (deer season coming).

I don't know much about Muzzle Loaders:
Found these bullets unique to me: standard 50 Caliber, all copper, like a hollow points with a teflon, I think Teflon insert in point (you can see a black point above the copper), and wadding built into the bullet (black at tail of bullet).
Operation is different also -- barrel breaks at breach, there is a screw out end there (remove it for barrel cleaning - Maybe can see it just next to the scope). The screw out end has a small hole to insert a primer (a small metal container of powder is inserted). Then the barrel is closed, powder inserted, then the bullet inserted (ready to fire). No wading needed as bullet has it's on wadding.
Costs about a $1.50 to shoot these things -- so, not going to do a lot of Target Practice (they shot about 4 rounds each to check sighting).   Wish I would have taken a picture of the gun (never seen one like it before -- relatively short barrel). I think that is the powder dispenser to right of the bullets. 
Stopped at Scotty's (Carryville on the way home), then did backroads to Norris and Hwy 61 to 370 to 144 to 11W to Mascot, around House Mtn, etc., on the trip home.

Under the cover at the Lair's Bench with feet up and a cup of Coffee watching the Interstate Traffic go by. Had one other Liar show up for a couple stories. Probably TRUE stories as not about hunting or fishing. .
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)