Author Topic: PAULRIDES Oct 9 -- Squirrel Hunt (no luck) & Bubbling Spring Shoot (worked)  (Read 249 times)


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Sun & MON Rain Predictions -- no rides. Also, thinking about a trip to VA (Camp Van 3 nights, Haul MC and Ride Days). Have a plan, need to get things ready. However, Marc bought Jim's Attachments and CB's (I told him I would take a ride down his way and deliver the stuff, maybe THU be the day). 

SO - DECIDED BETTER RIDE SATURDAY.  Good excuse  :happyrider
About the only good thing about the Squirrel Hunt was the location, ride there, and ride back cause I did not see a squirrel. That after waking up at 5:30AM, leaving house at 6:30AM before sunrise.
One other good thing is the location of squirrel hunt was at Meadows Tower Road off of Hwy 107 which is close to Bubbling Spring Shooting Range.
I stopped by Bubbling Spring expecting to see a lot of shooters on such a nice day and just go on home. The place was vacant. :-).
I had some solid point 22LR and did take the 22 Pistol in case a range was open. So, I got rid of those (45 rounds of it). I had an extra 5 rounds of 9MM that would not fit in a carton at home.  Good excuse to shoot those since I did not have a carton for them, so I did. :-)  Target hunting was not too bad.
A guy and his daughter did show up to do a little shooting. She had a Muzzle Loader similar to the one the guy had at N Cumberland and was hitting the target at 100 yards (at least the paper, not center) using open sights and free stance (gun not supported stance).
Dad was shooting 45 pistol at 50 yard range (I think shooting at it, did not see the results when he was done). I offered to let him share the 25 yard range and walk up -- he liked shooting long distance cause said he knew he could hit at 25 yards. OK   
Anyway, what prompted all this was --
First, I just wanted to ride since rain is predicted SUN and MON.
Second, a bear hunter at Bubbling Spring on Friday said Meadows Tower Road had a couple wooded sections easy to get into (not too much under brush) and there were Acorn Trees and squirrels.
Well, I rode the full length of the gravel road (3 miles) to the parking area looking for an ideal place. Most of that is steep terrain off the road (not easy to get into). There are two areas reasonable to get into and one of those had a lot of Acorn, but I saw NO INDICATION of Squirrels being there (ever). No broken nuts and no nests.
Oh well, it was relaxing sitting in the woods for a couple hours and a little exercise walking around.

The Parking Lot at the trail to the Tower (3 miles up the Mtn). I guess near 9AM as I had to stop in Newport on the way, and it took say 20 minutes or so to get up the MTN despite the fact the Gravel Road is in excellent shape.

Did not have the camera so had to stop to take pictures. Took a couple of the road coming back down to the first place I tried hunting.
Parked, gear off, rifle out. Can see woods not too bad across the road, but I went back of where I was standing and found a number of acorn trees. I did try a sort of trail (old road covered with fallen trees) just to the left of that hill across the road. Not much there either. I then moved the bike down the road to one other place (nice walk into the woods, but no evidence of any squirrels).  Good Thing was No Bears Either. :-)
At least got a little shooting at Bubbling Spring.  I say a little cause I was not intending to shoot a lot,  just the five 9MM Rounds and the 22 LR solid point rounds. I was walking up to the 25 yard target on the left (the other folks had arrived and set their targets at 50 and 100 yards).
Draw, Rack, Shoot one and four or five more. (22 Pistol)
These were Point and not Aim the sights (22 Pistol)-- realized I was shooting high and adjusted that a bit on last rounds. 
I used the previous (first) target and shot 15 rounds at 30 feet. (22Pistol) Lettered them A thru O  and then erased other shots in computer. 
Draw - Rack Shoot (one round at a time). (9MM Pistol) Ignore the black dots (repairs to a previous target). The very first one (A) hit black and I was feeling good). A couple others were not bad (B & C), but I could not see I was hitting the cardboard at 20 feet.  Don't know where the fifth round (E) went and the fourth (D) was nearly lost. My usual tendency to shoot low and left.
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)