Author Topic: Thursday on the Foothills Pkwy and Deals Gap  (Read 321 times)

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Thursday on the Foothills Pkwy and Deals Gap
« on: October 20, 2017, 12:19:50 am »
What a gorgeous day for a ride!  Perfect weather and Tennessee was looking its best as I headed up 129 for a cup of coffee at the CROT diner at the Gap.  There was a freight train of 12-15 Corvettes in line rumbling around up there which was impressive in a kind of "Say, there goes a million bucks!" sort of way.  Lots of bikes were out but almost all cruisers with only a smattering of Gold Wings and very few sport bikes.

Unfortunately, there was also a larger than average number of idiots riding/driving the road going incredibly slowly.  Hey, it's all the same to me if you want to go down the road at 15-20 mph, it's a free country and it's your ride.  But please please please use the pull offs to let others by or don't get all PO'd if I decide to pass you.  Had a HD rider get really angry with me because I passed him and the other, even slower rider he was leading.  It was clean pass and I had no regrets and told him so and suggested that if he didn't want to be passed on the road the pull offs would have kept things cool.  I could tell he wasn't convinced.  Sorry, if you're doing 20 mph as far as I'm concerned you're a disabled vehicle or a farm implement and I'm going to pass. 

Sorry, rant over.  And mostly the ride was great as were most of the people I met.  I met a young guy on a new BMW RnineT Racer when I walked up to comment on how great his bike looked and asked him how he liked it.  He was a nice young fella from out of state who was accompanied by his Dad on a HD Road King.  He said he likes the new Bimmer just fine commenting that it was a great bike for that road and he felt he was the limiting factor holding the bike back.  I laughed and agreed with that sentiment saying I felt that way a lot.  He was impressed with the old R100RS and I had to laugh when after I mentioned it was a 1988 he blurted "It's a year older than I am!"  No wonder he was looking at me a little funny when I mentioned that it was one of the later models and I wasn't sure I liked the newer RS as much as my first '76. 

I headed for home and took the Scenic Route over the Foothills Parkway and stopped at a look out for a long leisurely look at the scenery.  Gorgeous of course and I was there for about 45 minutes chatting with my friend Deb who was along for the ride and also a whole string of other motorcyclists who pulled off to check out the view and stayed to chat.  There were two bikes from Pennsylvania that pulled in and they were interesting.  Mom and Dad on Dad's Yamaha FJ1300 in full touring rig and their teenage son on a Suzuki DR400 with a small tail pack strapped to the seat.  Dad had some questions about where things were and we answered as best we could  (Where's Paul the human road atlas when you need him?) and Mom had some questions about the history of the area where I was on firmer ground before she and Deb launched into a discussion of area knitting shops which left me in the dark again.  Dad and son got into a discussion of whether the long and relatively high speed ride from PA was hurting the DR400's single cylinder engine.  I remembered my friend Charter in Japan riding his  DR400 everywhere WFO all the time and chasing down sportbikes with it and gave my opinion as the engine would probably handle the trip better than the rider and that if they were worried about it just treat the engine to an extra oil change or two.  That seemed to reassure them.  (With my luck the damn thing probably blew up 10 miles down the road.)

All in all a good day on the bike and I may just sneak out for a quick blast first thing tomorrow, just to get out there before the idiots get out of bed.
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Re: Thursday on the Foothills Pkwy and Deals Gap
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2017, 05:50:54 am »
 :21 Sounds like a nice day for a great ride!

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Re: Thursday on the Foothills Pkwy and Deals Gap
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Loved the exchange with the Harley guy.  :34

Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)