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Sunday early AM (left at 6:30AM (EST).
 MC Ride to Shoot (22 Pistol and 9 MM Pistol) at Bubbling Spring. It was a bit foggy (could see 0.1 to 0.2 miles) just after daybreak. Cleared up just east of Sevierville for good early AM ride. Did not take camera so only used Cell Phone when stopped (Bubbling Spring Shooting Range and a couple other pictures on the way home).  Could not believe three cars all ready at the range at 8AM when I arrived - the guy on the 25 yard table had finished shooting - so I got that table (best one for pistol shooting -- walk up to 30 foot for my shots).

Started with 80 rounds (20 at each of 4 targets - black is 4 inch) of 22 Pistol. I was hoping that would help my 9MM accuracy. Guess both could use some improvement.
Routine for most part was draw, rack, shoot 3 to 5 rounds and repeat 
The 9MM is somewhat more consistent than in past (30 foot, 30 rounds -- 4 missing the cardboard I guess, can't find but 26). That is 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.
Stopped on the gravel road leaving the range to Hwy 107. Maybe 1/2 mile of easy gravel.
Stopped at this little market / restaurant on Hwy 25W to take picture of a fancy pumpkin.
Actually, I can't lie -- had a coffee and Biscuit / Gravy). Decent place under new management (opened 3 months ago). Maybe have a BKF there someday.
The new bridge on Hwy 90 south of Dandridge is in use. I question the minimum side railing (looks like temporary blocks on one side (right east side) and pretty thin low wall on the other side (left west side). It is wider than the old bridge, but wonder why not make it wider while they were at it as it is a major route south out of Dandridge.

After the bridge I took an immediate left up into a street with Library and a few home with views. Pulled onto this lot (For Sale Lot) for a picture of the lake. Color is distorted -- I guess cause sun was facing me.

Sunday PM - Fall Colors 

After the Sunday AM Ride to Shoot, got home about 1PM and took the planned Fall Color Car Trip (4 Wheels on a beautiful 78F day in NOV -- I must be crazy).
Actually, it was to please Betty. She had agreed to a MC Ride to se Fall Colors, but I know it is not her preferred travel. I wanted to do a few miles extra (DRAGON OVERLOOK) which would have been more than she likes. NOTE: The Dragon for those that don't know is an 11 miles 318 curve MC Ride. 
A lot of folks had the same idea regarding Fall Colors on the Foothills and the Dragon (we only did the Dragon to the Overlook and turned back). Plus, I took Butterfly Gap (thru Top of the World) from Foothills coming back home.

Foothill Parkway going up (E to W).
I had my Fall Color shirt (bright orange -- also TN colors, they finally won a game).
View is to the north (Maryville, Knoxville area).
Lookout Rock parking area -- like I said, plenty folks had same idea.
Guy built his rail car, frame and all (V8). I could use one -- but prefer a V6. 
The Dragon Overlook - Panorama of the lake and dam. Wanted to show Betty part of the Dragon's 318 curves in 11 miles (we did about 3 miles of it to the overlook). She worries ever time I say we are going by way of the Dragon on a MC ride (one of three ways into NC from our home). The NEW BIG WARNING SIGN says -- MOTORCYCLES, High Crash Area for MC's.
I showed the lady taking the picture image with Betty in very left lower corner and asked her to put us there so the lake to out right (with the dam)  would show better. GROAN, put us smack dead in center. 
Heading back from Overlook along Chillhowee Lake to the Foothills parkway for a W to E run.

Better light on the fall Colors as sun was behind us.
Lookout Rock parking still pretty full. Like I said, plenty folks had same idea -- peak fall color weekend and Foothills has more red than most other places. 
We turned off the Foothills Parkway for an alternate route to Hwy 321 -- takes you thru Top of The World Community (their lake in picture).
I hesitated to take Betty down this route (via Top of the World) as it is curvy and steep (sometimes that gets her stomach upset). She did good.
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