Author Topic: PAULRIDE Nov 12 - Bubbling Spring Ride(new revolver) & The Slab (Coffee Break)  (Read 259 times)


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I left early (6:47AM at low 40sF), had a nice sunrise slit in clouds on Fain Hill (6:50AM). There was enough day light to let it roll down Boyds Creek and I luckily hit nearly every stop light on green thru Pigeon Forge & Newport.
So, I was ahead of schedule in terms of normal time it takes to get Bubbling Spring (about 1 1/2 hours). However, I got off schedule as I decided to take a break at The Slab for a warm up coffee (felt good on my hands). I could have use mittens instead of the gloves I took at low 40sF. I added a Biscuit & Egg sandwich. Prices are reasonable there $0.50 small coffee and large is $0.75 and B / E sandwich was $1.50. I like the place as friendly country kind of place (will do a BKF there sometime).
The same guys were at Bubbling Spring range as last Sunday when I arrived at about 8:30AM. I think those guys get there at day break.
Anyway, they were not using the 25 yard range which I use for pistol shooting (mostly, I walk up to 20 or 30 feet). I used 20 feet this AM for 50 rounds of 22 with the new Heritage Pistol. Free Stance - no support.
The Main idea for my shoot was to see if I could use a spot of paint on the front and rear sights to get the gun on target. I added a spot of paint to front and rear sights at home this morning.
Seems to work, but I need to refine the PAINT MARK IDEA.  I hope it works instead of filing the front sight for elevation (file it down to raise bullet impact point) and can bend the front sight for windage. I would hate to mess something up or break the front sight. 
Here are two pictures of the sight modification I did.

The first picture is not retouched and shows the paint mark on front sight (faint white dot) and also shows the paint mark at right side of the rear sight. 
The picture is off as the front dot needs to be on top the rear dot (hard to hold sights aligned and the camera aligned). Anyway, it gives an idea of the concept. My idea is to get the bottom of the paint on the front sight at top of the paint on the rear sight and on target. That brings in elevation (gun was shooting low before) and windage (gun was shooting left before). The Hammer is pulled back to firing position so can see see the sights. BTW, not much of a trough on the Old West Guns at the rear sight as you can see. 

The second picture is from another setting in basement and it was blurry, so I edited the paint marks with white dots, and the trough ("u" area) with a black line). The front and rear sight are aligned better in this picture.
PS: I will need to refine the dots some and use a better white paint (actually, this is a silver auto body paint I had on hand). 

First group of 25 rounds was at right target. The first few rounds were aimed with front sight in the trough of rear sight. Results were low and left. I started adjusting aim (sight dot position) and finally got more in the black target. 
the second group of 25 rounds was at left picture. Used new aim as shown in the left target, ended with 25 rounds more evenly spaced. I reckon most of the scatter, not all bulls eyes is cause of me.  :groan   
I had a few extra rounds of 9MM (FMJ) in a box at home and brought them to shoot. Shot those at 20 feet (did a draw, rack and shoot sequence twice). That's about as good as I ever do with that gun.
I had repaired the 9MM shots to use target again before I took the picture. There were only two rounds on the black, but used several dots to cover. Ignore the mark lower right (it's from a previous use of that cardboard and I could not erase it).

The Ride and stop at The Slab.

The sunrise thru a slit in the clouds gave a bright beautiful effect as I came over Fail Hill at about 6:50AM ( I stopped to take A Photo ).

That is a waterfall taken at 55 MPH thru some underbrush. Figured I better explain. :-) 
The Slab on Hwy 25W/70 is open again. I also took a picture of the Breakfast Menu (I thought I did -- guess I did not cause it was not on memory card). Anyway, they are pretty reasonable and clean for a country place -- will plan a ride to stop for breakfast some morning. I like cause people seem friendly, plus, it is reasonable and clean. This was early about 8AM, I stopped again after shooting and there was decent crowd. Had a nice chat (listen mostly) with a local (my age guy). Gave me an idea for a road to ride (another route, gravel, up to the tower). I have been to the tower from Hwy 107 and saw a road to the right - looked a bit rough (he said a car can use it). 
This little cabin on Hwy 107 looks like it should be an abandoned historic place - but obviously someone lives there as there is smoke out the chimney and there is always an old car there. 
Just over this hill which is just north of the cabin is the turn for Bubbling Spring range. There is still a bit of color in distance. However, as you can see things are mostly brown and the leaves will be gone soon. 
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)