Author Topic: Curiosity (Mars Rover) Landing Scheme (video)  (Read 153 times)


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Curiosity (Mars Rover) Landing Scheme (video)
« on: December 01, 2017, 09:21:11 am »
Our Son-In-Law was in Germany at a Seminar (works for netapp). He relayed this site to me.   It is a LONG LONG Video, would be boring to watch it all.

During one session, the guy in charge of the Mars Landing of the Rover made a presentation. SO, my suggestions are:

AT 22:42 --- The interesting part starts at 22:42 into the Video when the guy in charge of the Curiosity Landing Scheme was introduced.  Interesting if you want to hear everything leading up to the MAIN EVENT --- THE LANDING of CURIOSITY (the largest Rover) on MARS.

Comment:  Takes a lot of NERDS (Mathematicians, Physicist, Engineers, Computer Types, etc.) and Money to dream up and do this stuff. 

To Minimize time, to actually understand the ideas, and see the landing

At 30 or 33 a bit of information before watching the MAIN EVENT.

At 38 to 41 Video will cover the MAIN PART (actual landing is at 39 to 41). THAT WOULD BE MINIMUM - need to see all of that.

There is a continued discussion after the landing that I found interesting - You can stop after the Mars Landing Guy leaves the stage.  :pop
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