Author Topic: Majestic Theater -- Pigeon Forge for Hit Parade (music show) TUE (19th) 8PM  (Read 298 times)


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Have a small group (7) going to the 8PM show (Hit Parade Music from 50, 60, 70, etc.).  Go to Photo Gallery

We have reservations on 4th row under name (Medley).

It's $14.95 Sevier County Rate + Tax comes out around $17.

I don't know about Not Sevier Rate. Call 865 774 7777 for prices and reservations.

Ask to be seated near Medley Group if you desire.

Make it a XMAS Get Together.

PS: It's also a Dinner Theater (costs more, I think $10 more,  and you need to arrive earlier -- call 865 774  7777)

PS: They also have a Soul of Motown show (on TUE it is at 5PM -- they sort of alternate days when Hit Parade and Motown change times -- call 865 774 777 for Info).   

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  • I might be old, but can mount without help. HA!
Turned out about as expected -- only interest was the original 7 folks. All liked the Hit Parade. They do a good job at the Majestic Theater.

Ended up Paul/Betty, Eric/Leslie, Dick/Rhonda, and Irwin (long time no see Irwin).

Plus a little 8 month old boy sitting in front of us (cute as a button) was star before the show. :-)

I call the Hit parade a DANG Good Show.

Some pictures came out pretty good, some not so good (think you can get the idea anyway).


The star before the show -- 8 month old cutie enjoyed by Rhonda (tried to convince Dick / Rhonda they needed to adopt one.

Not the best photograph coming up -0 needed a flash and it did not. Besides nearly cut Irwin off on right side (Betty, Leslie, Eric, Irwin).

Rhonda and the Monster Look (Dick). Rhonda seems captivated by the 8 month old boy in seat in front of her.

Kiss Cam, Dance Cam, Life of Party. The Dance Cam (Eric on left thought it was the Kiss cam and acted to kiss Irwin HA!)

They caught Betty as Life Of The Party cause she had a flashing light necklace on (given to her by Eric).

The Show (some scenes) from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s music.

Mike Chambliss in tribute to Elvis.

Always a Patriotic Tribute to our Armed Services (very nicely done at the Majestic Theater honoring each branch of the service - show some of it below).

Then a bit later time period - including the Hippy Years.

Mike ended up at our table on his tour thru the audience while doing a song.

Then, a DANG Good Job on Tina Turner Tribute (Rollin' Down the River).

Final is a little (or a lot depending on how you view such) church music. They do a good job.

This be the cast taking a deserved bow.
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)