Author Topic: PAUL NO RIDE Dec 21 - DANG Weather was a No Ride, Good Day to Clean Up Targets  (Read 232 times)


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OH Well !!!  Found something to do besides ride.  O)

After two years of shooting BBs and Pellets at basement target (backed by a hanging carpet and layers of cardboard) decided to clean up.

The cardboard layers grew in thickness as targets were added. So the original cardboard were pretty shoot up. I would guess 5000 or more BBs, 2000 pellets (wish I would have kept track of AMMO buys -- well maybe not, it might be ridiculous).  :groan

A lot of the BBs and Pellets did not make it thru all the cardboard, many were stuck in one layer or the next, or in the carpet. Some did make it all the way thru including a section of Vinyl fence as the last stop (mainly it tells me if anything getting all the way thru cause about anything will make it thru that fence if it gets that far. There are a number of holes in that fence.

Think I would be a candidate for competitive shooting by now -- I ain't.  :'(   


This is one of the first layers of cardboard after I had removed several layers (it's pretty well shot up, but some showed more damage).

A pile of folded up cardboard that had been taken down, left the old piece of carpet (shown) and later added another in front of it.

Start a new target area (two layers and added another hanging carpet before putting the cardboard up - now have two carpet layers. The box with small targets has more stopping layers (newspaper folded up) for the break barrel Pellet Rifle.

Swept up a pile of BBs and Pellets. A lot remained stuck in the cardboard (cause there are not as many in that pile as I have shot - pretty sure of that).

This stack is basically targets from trips to shooting range shooting regular guns (pistols mostly).

Then garden wheel barrel used to take two loads up to put in the van to take to trash.

Got half in the van - one more barrel full to add.
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