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I had a discussion with a friend on XMAS Eve regarding Self Defense with a gun (not a pleasant EVE discussion topic).  :-\ However,  I suggest you look at this U-Tube Video which is a discussion of Andrew's views (Lawyer that has a book on Laws of Self Defense --
available on AMAZON for $25). BTW -- I have not read the book, would like to do that.

By the way, this is not part of the Course I am studying (7DVDs from I bought on the Subject off of E Bay for $40 vs advertised $147 to $297). They take some some time (total is 20 hours), I am watching each and then reviewing with note taking the second time (gonna take lot longer than 20 hours if you treat it like a study course - I have reviewed three of the DVDs). 

I have added some comments (underlined) based on my limited studies (ain't an expert or a lawyer, so it's just food for thought from me).

Personally, I think something like the &DVDs should be required training for anyone considering using a firearm for defense (open or concealed Carry Permit Requirement). The 2nd Amendment Band Wagon nuts (mostly rednecks) fight any sensible regulations.  There are pretty hairy Legal Consequences that everyone should know about.

Most everything is wrapped up in the first part of the VIDEO regarding the FIVE requirements for self defense. That starts about 49 seconds into the Video. However, I recommend watching the whole thing as there are other points of interest with worthwhile information to keep you out of LEGAL TROUBLE.   

1) You have to be the innocent person, cannot be the one that started the situation. I add you cannot be the one that escalated the situation that someone else started (Walk Away from confrontation is better than getting involved with the legal aspects that can happen).

2) It has to be something that is happening RIGHT NOW, not something you are afraid will happen later  or something that happened before (that would be a revenge thing on your part). I add for consideration based on some other reading and the 7DVDs I bought -- think about someone coming at you with a weapon (bat, Knife, gun, etc.) at 21 foot away or closer would make it reasonable to use deadly force.

3) The amount of force you use would have to be proportional to the threat. Example he gives is -- someone pushes you, you can't shoot them. I add based on other information it is a judgement call, you may have a lot of explaining to do in court regarding any decision you make to use more force than exerted on you, but if you don't things can escalate quickly and the push may become a fatal blow from a fist (especially if someone is bigger or stronger --  what I mean is the fact of the situation may be presented to a jury and the best LAWYER wins). In other words, you never know the outcome.

4)  In some states there is a requirement to RETREAT. I add it's another dumb example of States Rights with a bunch of different laws every time you cross a border ( it's hard enough to know the local laws). Many States now have Stand your Ground Laws. I add - guess that is what ZIMMERMAN got off on. My opinion he was an instigator (acting as a vigilante - self appointed neighbor hood guard approaching the black kid, likely because the kid was black) and surely did not handle the situation as he should which resulted in the black kids death by Zimmerman. He got away with Murder and his true personality has show up a couple times since then.

5) Your decision has to be reasonable, what a reasonable person would do. I add remember you could very likely end up in a jury trial (big expense for lawyers, expert witness to testify for you, bail bonds, or set in jail) and finally 12 folks (some maybe against any kind of guns) making a decision to put you in prison for a long time (a day would be to dang long).  SO, it better be a reasonable decision and legal for the state you are in. Not just a REDNECK attitude "" I'm gonna shoot their Arse ""

PS: Per the Video, all Stand Your Ground does is eliminate the requirement to RETREAT.

PS: Another big consideration is COLLATERAL DAMAGE - Every bullet that comes out of your gun, you are responsible for what it hits (property or a person -- think Murder charge). Per the 7 DVDs I am studying - over 50 % miss their targets when distance is between 0 and 6 foot and over 70% miss at 21 feet (people are moving, it ain't a fixed target). Another thing is high caliber bullets go thru people and hit what's behind them.

CONTINUED next "Reply Post" with Concealed Carry University DVDs (Concealed Carry and Self Defense INFO).
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I have gone a step further with "Education" about Concealed Carry and Self Defense with Deadly Force (in other words with a firearm).

Somehow all my searching led to E Mails from Concealed Carry University ( ) if interested in looking. I would probably use the word University loosely, that said they offer a 3 Part (Mindset, Training, Gear) 7 DVD pack for $297, starts at $297, reduced to $197, and offered for $147 one time).

Found it on E Bay from one seller with one left for $40 and saw several sellers offering for $89.

I decided worth $40 and so far the information IS WORTH IT. The presentation leaves a bit to be desired as it's a one man lecture with notes on the screen and a few video action areas.

THAT SAID I have only done the the first Part (Mindset) which is two DVDs that last 2 1/2 hours each.
The MINDSET  deals with sort of an introduction and over all review of Self Defense by Deadly Force (firearms). It includes a lot of MYTHs (called that) in Chapters 5 thru 15 along with Introduction in Chapters 1 thru 4.

Also, I did 1/3 of Part 2 which is 3 DVDs on Training. The first DVD of Part 2 that I have completed is How To Avoid a Gunfight. There are two more DVDs on Training (The First Two Seconds and Finishing the Fight).   

The TRAINING DVD I completed and it deals mostly with situations, how to avoid situations, legal aspects, when you can use deadly force or show your firearm.

Believe me; it's not the usual Redneck "I'm Gonna Shoot Their ARSE and Ask Questions Later". You will learn you will be answering more questions than you will ask: Police Investigations, Good Chance of a Criminal Court or Civil Court Case (GETS EXPENSIVE).

One advice is say as little as you can when you make the 911 call (and be the first to make a call for any situation - deadly force or not), and say as little as you can to the Police as you will be disoriented and it is said you can't remember what happened (they will use anything you say in court against you). Basically say "You were attacked, feared for your live (requires a fearful situation for a reasonable person) and defended your self, you are willing to cooperate but want your lawyer before answering anymore questions as you are upset over this, you can ask to be taken to the hospital to be checked for wounds or heart racing due to mental anguish, etc.

Understand the police do not know what happened when they arrive (who is good guy and who is bad guy), so lay your gun down when they arrive and follow their commands (lot of trigger happy police  >:D- most are decent  O) ---  I hope). 

I am taking it seriously and watching each DVD in Chapter increments (as 2 1/2 hours at one sitting would be too much), then going back thru each Chapter in the DVD and making notes for myself (paper notes like in the old days).  :pop   :banghead

BY THE WAY --- I might be willing to loan the DVDs once Ia m finished (would want to limit the time out of my hands and some guarantee of return).
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