Author Topic: PAULRIDES Dec 29, Chuck Swan to Shoot -Last 2017 Ride (Except to gym on SAT)  (Read 214 times)


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Rode a short loop THU to Harley in Maryville for a visit with Ian (next to last 2017 ride).

Then, a Chuck Swan route FRI for(last of 2017 ride).  Don't count the ride to the gym SAT as a ride (it was an errand).

BTW, had to use the Battery Booster SAT(engine crank was weak at the gym but started. I rode to Wallgreen about a mile and would not start when I was ready to leave Walgreen.  :banghead

Fortunately, I had put the Battery Boost in the saddle bag. Rather than remove seat and connect to battery terminals, I hooked it up to a couple leads (light weigh wire I had ran out under the seat to use for Trickle Charging and measuring the voltage). I left the Booster hooked up for about 2 minutes and the engine cranked and started.

Had to put bike in neutral cause kickstand was down --- mention that as it would be a problem with the Scooter (will not start with kick stand down as always in gear). Come to think of it, it will start with center stand down as rear wheel is off the ground.

Sure would like to ride Jan 1 (Polar Bear Ride 1st ride of year, could be the first one I missed in years). Forget next week as it's gonna be cold (highs of 34 two days for next 7 days)  :groan

I did the ride to Chuck Swan to Shoot FRI (can't say it was a real pleasant day to shoot) and DANG if I did not forget my Rain Jacket Wind Breaker for the ride up (got in a hurry to get on the road). It varied from 36F to 38F on the way up there and was 36F when I got there at 12:15PM.

A little chilly during the shoot which took longer cause a guy showed up to sight in his AR 15 (he uses for deer hunting). So, takes longer waiting for others to shoot and go check their targets (his at 100 yards). Made it to "warm"  41F when I left there at 2:45PM, seemed a s cold coming home as going, guess cause I was not as warm when I left home (I was fine the first 45 minutes).

Ride PICTURES: Many the same as before - it's the same route, but some I just can't resist.

Many many pictures of this old bridge (dates back to the 1930s).

And this view in Sharps Chapel area as was nearing the shooting range is a favorite. 

One of the best pictures I have of this old store (J C Whote GRO) - the sun was right and no tree shade and I slowed down to take it.

Took one of the above store (JC White Grocery) on the way back (shown next).

Still heading to the range --- showed have slowed for this picture (imagine who lived there back in the good Old Days).

Returning home after the front view of the store (shown as 4th picture above), The house shows in the front picture of the store (4th picture above), took a close up of it. (It's still occupied, wonder who lives there?)

Then this abandoned country house and barn  (distant barn) scene. (Wonder who lived there?)

They appear to be widening Hwy 11E?

SHOOTING (Killing Targets) -- Some Target shooting and some Self Defense practice (draw, move, and point shoot). I would probably die in a gun fight.  :groan

Outline in Red was at 6 foot range, draw and shoot (some from mid body position and some from extended gun position). Yellow is 22 Semi Auto from 21 foot with aim. White was 22 Revolver (old west style 6 shooter) from 21 foot with aim.

I ran three MAGS (2 with 8 and one with 10 thru the 380 at 21 foot with aim). 1st group was low - hit bottom target while aiming at middle one. Thought I had sights adjusted in (guess not or I was stetting them wrong when shooting. I did an elevation adjustment and shot the yellow and orange (2nd and 3rd group).  Guess not ready for 25 yard competition -- LOL.

Rest are 9MM - Shot 10 (1 thru 10 numbered) at 21 feet with draw, quick aim, and shoot (could not find 10th).
Then shot 5 (A - thru E) as point and shoot ( I don't remember if I was moving or not - think it was 21 feet). .

Then shot 5 9MM (only found 4 F, G, H, I) at 10 feet (move and shoot).

Then 9MM at 21 feet 20 rounds of move and shoot (only found 15 of them) I was just aiming at the board not the circles on the paper). Used the paper to cover up shots on the cardboard from earlier 9MM.
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Was good seeing you again Paul.
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