Author Topic: PAULRIDES JAN 1 (That be 2018) Polar Bear Ride (20F to 23F) Done Deal  (Read 231 times)


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Cheated a little and waited until 3:15PM for a warm up (Heat Wave at 23F) to leave for 1st ride of 2018.

I have been told if you don't ride on Jan 1st, you can't ride rest of the year.  ;) I don't know if that is true, might be one of those Trump things (like he says when questioned about one of his irrational statements 'I don't know someone told me that."  >:D

Someone, George, told me, "You can't ride everyday of the year if you don't ride the 1st day of the year."  :happypep

Anyway, I did not want to take any chances ( I have not missed a Jan 1 Ride in many a year).

Only been two I remember that have been colder than today's range of 20F to 23F (which becomes a little critical as any water on the road does not stay water and ice is slippery stuff). No problem today despite the bit of snow closer to Chestnut Hill area.

Pulled Scooter out of garage (Basement) about 3:10PM and showed 48F due to being in the basement. Had a steady decrease in temperature reading (first picture about 10 minuets later showed 24F and that was as high as I saw for the rest of the ride. (I think it was still settling out). Range after that was 23F (a bit later), then a bunch of 21F, and one 20F about 1/4 miles from home at 5:20PM. 

I was dressed for it but could have used a heavier sock (toes got a bit chilled) and could have waited for chemical hand warmers to have warmed up a bit more before I started (fingers got a bit chilled). Enough chilled, I was glad Indian Creek market (near Chestnut Hill) was open for a warm up coffee and the FIRST (not last) Cobbler and Ice Cream.


Round about way to Boyds Creek Rd (like the views when using this route).

About 10 minutes into the ride (think temperature reading was still settling).

Hwy 139 country scene.
Temperature seems settled at 21F.

Shucks -- Good View, but blurred it.

New Bridge on Hwy 92 south of Dandridge (came out blurry, too cold for the camera as couldn't be me).  O)

Everyone knows these curves (Hwy 92 south shortly after crossing the bridge at Dandridge).

Glad they are open New Year Day.

And, glad had Cobbler.

And, glad had Ice Cream to put on the cobbler (skimpy serving of ice cream, but after weighting at the gym today I did not ask for more).

Heading home via south on Hwy 92, cutover to the Ridge Rd, to Hwy 411 to Sevierville (getting late as I watched end of LSU and Notre Dame at Indian Creek Mkt). Too Bad LSU. Next time maybe.

Remnants of snow going up to the ridge road for a view.

Caught a couple sun views as I topped the ridge road.

Better view of the valley looking behind me to the east as sun was in the west (usually is near sunset if you believe in science).

Temperature hanging in there. I did  see one lower reading (20F) about 5:20PM and 1/10 mile from home. 

Couldn't capture the sun / cloud arrangement (best I could do is these three).

Sunset taken on Boyds Creek Rd near home.
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