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TerrE sent the original U-Tube Link. Thanks

In a message dated 1/5/2018 2:58:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, TerrE writes:

I'm interested in the tech around hybrid vehicles and this source, Weber University, has some good videos on the subject.
Not sure if you're interested but here it is anyway.
Thanks -- finally got around to looking at this stuff.

What I got into was the CVT stuff  on construction of the Belt (Amazing) and then the DEMO on the GM CVT operation (fluid pressure controlling primary pulley width). Both the belt and control of primary pulley much different than the steel type belt on my Burgman 650 (Belt pictures look a lot different than the ones theya re showing for cars and control of the primary pulley on my Burgman 650 was by a servo motor controlled by the computer with plastic (nylon or whatever) gears.

The Burgman 400 Scooter CVT is different yet (centrifugal force controls the primary pulley width and the belt is a sort of V-Type Rubber belt that is a PULL Tyree belt). Simpler but need to replace the belt (regular maintenance recommended at 11,000 miles -- most go 20,000 +/- and I had one break at about 13,000 and one I replaced one at 20,000 still looked OK). It,s about a $250 or $300 deal (if you change the weights (sliders or rollers that control the primary pulley).

Then, I found the 2010 Rogue CVT tear down after failure at 186,000 miles was real interesting (amazing all those parts in a transmission work that long -- talking all the parts not just the belt).

I was also amazed to find it is a PUSH Belt (Primary pulley PUSHING  the driven pulley VS PULLING .

I am also amazed the Ring Pack (8 to 12 steel bands) on each side of the belt assembly can get enough friction on the pulley plates to drive anything. I am guessing the Ring Pack is the only thing making contact with the pulley plates.

The guy doing the tear down apparently replaced his transmission and was taking apart the failed one  he had to return as core ($800 refund on the core -- if he can put it back together).
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