Author Topic: PAULRIDES Jan 26 - Loop to Bald River Falls & a Itty Bitty Bit of Cherohala  (Read 178 times)


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Did the gym during early during the early morning cold spell (started at 25F early).

I left gym at noon (comfortable temps around 50F) and returned home at 5:40PM (probably near 60F). No rain and no wind (lakes looked like glass mirror and made for some double pictures of clouds and tree lines). 

Not much new about going to Bald River Falls if you are from around here (everybody has been I assume). I do like doing the ride in the winter with no leaves on the trees. Just usual bunch of roads used as it was a short part of day leaving at noon and sunset scheduled for 5:56PM.

Anyway, here is the Picture Story

Took a couple pictures (I thought, turned out had batteries in wrong and did not realize until I got here) before a stop at Marathon at Greenback for a $0.05 coffee. That turned into a Mini-Burger and French Fries as well (best french fries I have had anyplace).

See what I mean about no wind and a mirror lake. Makes double clouds for Eller.  :)

You have probably seen these road scenes before -- OH Well !!! Maybe look different in winter and clouds have to be different.

River road going to the falls.

Guess where this is.

First ride on a new front tire (installed it yesterday) and a new battery. It's like a new bike despite 49,800 miles.

I took the road off the River Road up to Cherohala on the way back to Tellico Plains. It's missing some of the character (roughness) it use to have, but is still bumpy near it's end.

Coming back down the Cherohala toward Tellico Plains (good ride as usual).

A couple more road scenes and another lake mirror scenes (still no wind to speak of).

Double clouds (mirror lake) -- what you think MR Eller?
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Nice ride Paul.I always like that area.

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I haven't been to see those falls.  I can see from your photos I need to make the trip!

Thanks for sharing.


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