Author Topic: PAULRIDES Feb 2, 2018 -- Gym and Loop Kodak Rd to Hwy 66 (Snow on Mtn Pictures)  (Read 164 times)


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I had not planned a ride except to the gym cause it was like 30F and felt like 25F. However, it was so sunny when I left the gym at about 4PM, I had to make a loop.

I am glad I did the loop despite feeling chilled before I got home (about 5:30PM) because I don't think I have ever had a better opportunity to take a picture of the Smoky Mtns with snow and sun in the right position.

The pictures were taken on Kodak Rd from a ridge just west to the golf course area.  There is not really a good place to pull over and I passed the best point hoping for another spot further east. No luck there, so I turned around and found a drive way to park on the north side of the road and walked across the road to take the pictures.

I made 2 panoramas out of some of the pictures and kept two individual pictures.

I had one more individual picture taken at the new school on Hwy 66 looking over the chain link fence. Could not get up high enough to keep the fence out of the picture and even though I was closer to the Mtn, sune and earth angle had changed and snow did not show as good. .


A panorama stitched from 3 photos.
Mtns are a bit distant, but give an idea of the surrounding area. That be the French Broad River in the middle of the picture.

Made this stitched panorama from 2 photos to give a bit closer look at the mountains.

Single picture telephoto'ed in on the mountains show the snow coverage better.
Sun could not have been at a better position. Or, should I say the earth could not have been at a better position. 

Another single picture telephoto'ed in (view a bit to right of the last one).
Taken from School Parking Lot which is surrounded by an ugly chain link fence. I climbed up on a light pole to try to get a view over the fence. Sun angle change resulted in loosing some of the white on the mountain (they were pretty well solid covered with snow). Not worth the time to turn around to get to the parking lot.
Oh Well !!!
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