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PAULRIDES Feb 18 - Sgt York Exhibit at East Tn Museum
« on: February 18, 2018, 10:10:25 pm »
Not much of a ride (ended up about 70Miles) as I waited until son and his wife left for GA and did not leave the house until about 1:30PM to leave for Knoxville.

I circled a block or two in Knoxville and found street parking not too far from the museum.

I stopped in the auditorium about 2:05AM and heard a speech on the making of the movie (saw Chris up front): The speaker discussed focus of the movie which became a MSG to encourage Americans to approve of entering WW2 vs the original thought to cover York's life after WW1; The speech also covered the differences in the real story and the movie. I found that interesting.

I left the auditorium when the movie started as I discovered it is on the East TN History Web Site and watched part of it this AM, will watch rest later.

So, I went to the Lobby and started taking pictures of information (history info), then went to the Special Exhibit on Sgt York and WW1. I had been to Pall Mall and York's house before, the Exhibit was a good refresher and a lot of new information to me. It is worth a trip. :-)

PICTURE Story    Hopefully the text in the pictures will be readable. 

First, son and I did a little BB shooting in basement. Then had a little lunch before they left for GA.

A pretty big crowd in the auditorium (I think the program started at 2PM, I got there about 2:15PM just before the final speaker came on to discuss the movie). 

I left the auditorium when the movie started (as said before - gonna watch at home on computer) - started taking pictures of information (cause I soon forget what I learned GROAN). 
This one discusses the changes made in the movie (change of focus).

There is a good bit of information on display in the Lobby before you enter the Special Exhibit Hall. It's History Stuff.

A U-Boat sank an ocean liner killing 128 Americans and a MSG regarding Germans desire to engage mexico against the US finally convinced America to join in the war.

So, it was a historic event when we finally entered toe war. Guess what, same resistance in WW2. Does history teach us anything? I wonder if from generation to generation has to learn all over again?

Experience of WAR - HMMM!!! Note: happy to have immigrants fight.  

Takes a lot of propaganda to accomplish what is right sometimes.

And on it goes.

An early hope for Civil Rights (didn't work). Neither did the service of Blacks in WW2 help that.

OK OK OK, Enough of that History Stuff (other than it shows same ol - same ol, not much use I guess).

Moving on into the Sgt York Special Exhibit (its the door past the Trolley).

Family of 11 children, he was 3rd. Movie only had a son and daughter cause the others would not consent to having someone play their character in the movie. (one of those non-factual things mentioned in the guy's speech).

The way it was for York and that county (note Hwy 127 and Hwy 70 in later picture).

CHARACTER ROAD Hwy 127 and Hwy 70 (I reckon). :happyrider
Speakersaid Movie Maker Railroaded to Crossville, carriage to James Town, and walked 8 miles to Pall Mall (I can see why one might  walk looking at those roads) to talk to York about the movie deal. He knocked on the door, York Said, "You that movie feller - I ain't interested." Took some convincing.

York finally saw the light and changed his ways (drinking and fighting had been a big part of his years up to this event of a friends death in a bar fight).

Moving on to the War and York's Capture of the Germans manning the Machine Gun Nests. 

I don't imagine the trenches where any way nearly this nice (there was an actual photo or two of the true conditions, but my take of those blurred). GROAN
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Re: PAULRIDES Feb 18 - Sgt York Exhibit at East Tn Museum
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2018, 10:14:46 pm »
The Interesting part (I think) is the war part of his life.


In the movie version --- York was amazed at the rifles and the clothes he had in the army.

25,000 miles of trenches and upwards of 27 Million Lives lost during the period. Not all battle causalities, lives from various things as a result of the war.

The story of the Battle (a patrol of 17 including York that circled behind the German lines that ran upon some Germans to take prisoner and then had the machine guns turned on them).

The bottom part of the above picture (I blacked it out on the one above).

Good thing he was a marksmen.

Then there are the many that did not make it. Rest in Peace.
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)