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Met Ken at Pilot to pick up FREE Car Show Tickets at 9:15AM (He, Tom, and TerrE were there for meetup and waiting on others). I left before others arrived.

Quick stop at Taco Bell (XIT 407) for rest of my BKF (Egg / Sausage Burrito). Then spent 2 1/2 hours about getting to Chuck Swan (normally about an hour from XIT 407).

CS Range opens at noon til sunset. I got there about 11:30AM after another stop at Rhonda's for coffee (had one for Jackie as he is in New Orleans).

Hauled all my stuff from the MC to the range and set up targets. Had the place to myself  :-)  except for about an hour.  I left there at 3:45PM for the shortest fastest route home (some traffic slowed me, but made it home about 5:30PM).

Got a lot of shooting practice including PLAYING with 50 YARD Target range for the Pump Pellet and then decided to shoot a few rounds of 22 (Revolver and Semi Pistol) at that range. DANG Pump Pellet (about a $40 gun and using $0.01 pellets) did about as good as the others and the revolver was the worst. The 22 SEMI was not too bad. All probably better if had a shooter that could shoot. :-(

Took some ride pictures on the way to CS Range on a beautiful morning. Took target pictures for my files (show them in 2 of 2 E Mail if anyone is interested in shooting). No pictures coming home as the DANG lid on batteries came open -- lost one battery.

Got home and we (Betty and me) went to TN Pizza for a Calzon -- busy place doing good business. LIKE


MC Gang -- Three of 'em and more coming. TerrE, Tom, Ken.

I like back roads and farms and riding (get out for a ride once in awhile).  :happyrider

And I like House Mtn as a landmark.  Alien ? See the partial circle on left top.

Telephotoed it. Something on lens of camera?
And barns with pictures on them.

House MTN from NE side.

And Old Houses -- wonder who lived there?

And Farmsteads with clouds (for Eller).

And Country Stores with STUFF in them that have Coffee (Jackie likes coffee also). Took a break to kill time as was early to get to CS Range (didn't really want a coffee).

Stuff in them stores. :)

CS Range and Targets in 2 of 2 E MAIL -- skip it if you don't like guns or targets. Might like seeing the play at 50 yards with the Pump Pellet, 22 Revolver, and 22 Semi Auto. Here it is.

And Dinner at TN PIZZA (recommend it). We split a Calzone ($6.99 plus $1 each topping - 3 for us). 
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Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)


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Re: PAULRIDES Feb 23 -- Ride, Shoot at Chuck Swan Range, Eat Later - GOOD DAY
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Don't ask me why, but I keep a file of target pictures. Maybe to see if I am getting any better. Think I am better, but will not enter any competition.

I like when I am only one there and can move to shoot, mark targets, take pictures, and just relax for like 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

I shot 22 Revolver and Semi, 380 Semi, and then the 9MM Semi in sequence show by pictures. Like to build confidence with the 22.

Didn't say, but it was 21 feet.

Appears I do better with Federal solid than Remington Hollow Points.

22 Rvolver on right was all over the place at 48 feet, not bad at 22 feet.
22 SEMI on left was about my usual.

I like the cheap Hi Point 380 ($129 gun holds 8 or 10 rounds). Plus 1.

First 10 rounds (hit 8 numbered 1 thru 8 not too bad for me with the 9MM) Things got worse. did get 17 of 20 total on cardboard if not the paper.

I guess 10 foot is more reasonable for quick shooting (sort of point and shoot).

Shoots a little high. At home basement 42 foot -- usually can stay with a 2 inch target (or right around it). Nice little fun $40 plus gun. I can't do that with the 22s or 380, or 9MM.
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Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)