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You will be happy to hear not many pictures cause my Camera was in the saddle bag. Then after getting it out of the saddle bag, the camera developed a problem (Alarm said Lens Error - turn off and back on). I did turn off and back on several times - one time I thought it was working. Then looked at the image before taking a picture and about 1/2 the image blocked out. That besides loosing my batteries the other day when my jury rigged latch fix (rubber band and scotch tape) let the door come open.  I THINK it is time for anew camera.

I did take a few pictures with the Smart Phone  ;) (have to stop to do that, so not many pictures, but safer method I imagine).

First picture starts at The Slab (Menu and Breakfast - mine one pancake and two eggs). They seem to be doing a good local business there. That said I sat down about 11AM and had order taken right away by a nice lass calling me Darlin' (sort of like some call you honey). At about 11:25 AM, I was asking if they lost my order, No Darlin' it will be right up soon (OK guess I can wait as not many call me darlin')

It was near 11:45AM when I left there, pancake and scrambled eggs (2) for $2.00 plus $1 for two coffees while waiting was GOOD. Then had to tip Darlin' - YES !!!! Wish I was young again.

Anyway, decided to go north on Hwy 107 to Forest Rd 109 to Weaver Bend, past the Fishing lake to Hwy 25w/70. Back west to Pig Trot Rd (a  loop off of Hwy 25W, eventually back to 25W). Then onto Newport - I-40 to Exit 407, to Flea market for a new belt (about time to give up on the 1965 belt that dates back to my Cowboy days of messing with horses in Va Beach).  That belt has to be near 53 years old - DANG good leather.
Bought another Cowboy belt with Elk and other stuff on it. Betcha it does not last that long -- anyway, I want be around to see it (make me 133 years old).


That be bowls of peanuts (hulled and ones I un-hulled cause it's hard to eat hulls).

Forest Road 109 good sun in there at about noon with leaf less trees.

Took a short break at the Fishing Lake (very short as walked down for a picture and back to the bike). By the way, wish I had a picture that I did not take -- The lake is on a dirt (gravel nearly all gone - easy ride today, don't go if ot is wet as would be slick) and shortly after getting on the dirt I caught up with a horse / pony ride. One guy on horseback and two carts pulled by small horses or maybe ponies. They were getting spooky about a car that was in front of me as we passed and more spooky about hearing the bike. The guy on horseback had moved over into a shallow ditch. One cart driver got out to stand by his pony and calmed it down. Anyway, the car and I made it by them, no harm done.

Almost had double clouds for Eller -- but a slight breeze disturbed the fishing lake water surface.

You can see how good the road was (good enough for the Big Bike Guys). :-)

French Broad River.

Pig Trot Road. Much better shape than when I rode it the FIRST time several years ago with Alvin Savoy (that be Salvo as his drill Sgt, Gunny, called him).

Then Alvin corrected him - "That be Savoy not Salvo".
Gunny said, "Call you Dog Crap if I want to." (he used another word besides Crap if you can imagine).
Lesson learned --- don't correct marine Drill Sargent during basic training.
FUNNY, I remember Alvin SAVOY telling me that story the day we went to see Gunny at the Knifeworks. Didn't get to visit Gunny as line was a mile long.
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