Author Topic: PAULRIDES Mar 25 - Douglas Dam Area (VIEWS) - Some would say it's a DAM RIDE  (Read 149 times)


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Douglas Lake Dam Views  (Overlook --- Headwaters  --- Tailwaters) after gym visit, did a short loop ride.


First is the Overlook.

I think that is Bluff Mtn on the right side (west). 

This one extends toe Panorama to the east sdie (taken at the  covered deck - so got a bit of the roof in upper right corner).

There is another parking area below the overlook area and a closer view of Bluff Mtn on right (west).

Took one picture at the Headwaters (Lake side of the Dam). Swimming hole on right has not filled in yet. Note the bird in the center picture (flying).

A view the road leaving the Headwater, loved the valley with cattle in it and Mtns in background (blurred it a little). The marina is off to the right if you are familiar with the area.  

The Tailwaters -- there is a campground at river level that shows in the last picture as I was leaving. They have added some nice picnic tables, a large pavilion, and a dock area for the boat launch ramp down at the campground area (no pictures of that).

Close ups.
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I like looking through these when im stuck in concrete hell
What does "riding season" mean?