Author Topic: PAULRIDES Mar 29 - ShortRide Loop NE as far as I-81 Exit 4(CharacterRd - Not Rd)  (Read 140 times)


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Got out of the gym about 11AM. Stopped by the house to drop off Gym Bag, had a little lunch of leftovers.

Then called Ken about 11:40AM (no answer) as he had responded by E Mail that he might ride after his gym visit. Turns out he did his thing - rode to Laural Falls and hiked to the falls. So, we dkid not hook up.

My ride was no big deal - only about 3 hours including a Taco Bell (new one) at Exit 4 (I-81).  Biggest Tostada I ever got.

Then went by Jim E's to get my share of the 22 AMMO he had ordered for us (good buy at $0.04 a round including taxes and shipping). Then home by about 3:45PM.

I did get a chance to try the New Camera (refurbished one off E-Bay). It's same brand and about the same model (Nikon Coolpix) as before except has the lithium battery, and maybe a bit better functionally. The On / Off Button is a bit smaller and may be a problem using with glove and especially mittens (had a bit of trouble turning it on today with just heavy leather glove).


A backroad out of my hood a couple miles -- first view picture with the New Camera and another taken close together.

Then a couple views (road and lake) at a point past the Douglas lake Ridding Stables. Been sometime since I rode by there.

A regular road I ride to bypass Sevierville when heading east. It's a route to Hwy 411 east of Sevierville, but riding in the revers direction here. Like country barns.  :)

Just another backroad with Red Buds in bloom. I realize now a neighbors trees (first really nice blooms this spring even before the Bradfords bloomed were not Red Buds - don't know what his are, but nothing like these Red Buds).

Almost missed this cute cabin picture (got it in the left edge).

Not the first picture I have made of this old abandoned house  (never get one with the sun in right palace (wonder who lived there).

Just a couple more views taken in quick sequence (not the barn in distance on first picture).

And, closer view of the Red Barn (roof red)

OH GOOD !!! Looks like a Character Rd (says Rd) to me. Sadly it dead ended and the pictures of the road were taken after a turn around (not the easiest place to turn around I might add -- took some time as did not want to drop the bike being alone). Not advised for Big Bike Guys that stay on pavement.

After turn around (CHECK THIS VIEW -- there is a house even further up from where I turned - think road Dead Ends at their driveway). Can imagine the Beautiful View they have.

About back to the main road -- first part of the Character Rd is sort of paved from the main road.
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Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)


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CONTINUED - Just some more that includes another Character Road that is not a road (Dead ends I think, a No Trespassing Sign discouraged me from going on - anyway). :banghead


I love this ground cover - whatever it is called.

A lake view with clouds.

Going up a hill, getting into a a 1%'ers or 0.1%'ers hood (out in the country hood have big lots).

Yep, 1%'er at least. Wonder if that is subsidized farming (bet at least it's at AG Tax Property rate).

I had turned around and going back up the hill to see the 1%'er -- then the picture is the same house as seen when coming up the hill before (one picture back)

OK -- One more Character Road -- I thought this was going to be a good one. Dead End also (I think - a No Tress Sign on a shed discouraged me from trying to go past the house around the corner -- looked like the road might be a driveway to the house).

That hill in distance is steeper than it looks and was bit loose (not a Big Guy Biker place to be).

Anyway, I turned back not far past the top of that hill (No Tress Sign) and took this picture when about back to the main road (down at end of the picture). The character road started out as a paved road.

Followed by 4 pictures closer to home (two on a ridge)
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Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)

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Ooo...nice photos!

Thanks Paul!


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