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Met Chris at McD on Hwy 33 at 9AM, we had a BKF snack, and got to Cowboy Shoot at about 10:20AM. Came to a locked gate (DANG IT). Called Jim A - he was all ready in and said there is a code on the punch pad. There was (DUH!!!!), so we got in and rode to the shoot area.

Hung out about an hour at the Cowboy Shoot and left for the ride. I had to cut the ride short as we were all ready late leaving the cowboy Shoot, and then had stops (Potter Falls, a drink for Chris, then Lilly Bridge, and finally a HARDEE's about 3PM).  Still it was a good day - I LIKE'ed.

I had seen a large group at a Cowboy Shoot that was part of Pigeon Ford Western Days (probably around 2003). The shoot was held at Walden Creek Riding Stables and they used a Hay Wagon to take you back to the shoot area. NEAT

Anyway, you will get an idea without seeing the Videos cause the ride pictures include pictures at the Cowboy Shoot. Don't know how to put the Videos on here.

Country scene not far from home on Nails Creek Rd.

Took a bypass around Oak Ridge congested area -- turned off to the west just south of Hwy 95. Started out a nice route -- then became gravel (packed) and then a Character Road  (couple shallow water crossings that I did not photo).

Ended at pavement with a few nice homes before reaching Hwy 95.

Hey, this is supposed to be open to visitors -- what is with the GATE and Punch Pad. I called Jim - he was inside and said, "There is a code attached to the Punch Pad." DUH ! So, in we went.  

Note the carts they carry supplies in -- move from one place to another during a match. Today was a small group of SR Cowboys, Saturday will be a bunch of all ages, Cowboys and Cowgirls (only one Cowgirl today).

The cowgirl (long pony tail with back turned to picture and talking to next shooter), she  acted as starter for some of the shooters and as timer (it's a timed event).  

Picking up empty casings after a shoot (shotgun and rifle in that area). Pistols at the far right table.

Jim and his friend, Clyde, Clyde in black hat.

Jim and the Cowgirl --- she had finished loading guns and was next shooter. Note: the shotgun AMMO belt --they have to load each round in the shotgun one at a time (some used double barrel guns and some used pumps). Videos show how fast that can be done.

Cowgirl getting ready for her run at the targets. She was fast and accurate, but the Rifle had a Fail to Fire on the last shot and she had to load another cartridge -- probably cost her 7 minutes.

Moving back out the to gate and on we went (Ride Man Ride). :-)

Hwy 327 up past Secret City.

A backroad route (included Clax Gap) over to Hwy 27 and onto Potter Falls.

I took some pictures of the construction on Hwy 27 (road widening) that would have been interesting except the camera got set on telephoto and that did not get corrected until Potter Fall. So, here are the falls.

Upper Falls with Chris looking on.

Trail to lower falls required some effort -- recommend going to the left of the downed tree vs going under it cause it was slippery there).

Lower Falls (Plural, cause I say there are two falls here).

Moving on north to Wartburg - stopped for a drink for Chris and then went around the Courthouse (nice one on an old time square).
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)


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Left the falls and headed for lilly Overlook by way of Lancing (downtown is a house and church) to a real backroad.

Then home via backroads to Hwy 298, 62, 27 for a HARDEE's stop at Wartburg, then a bit more of Hwy 27 to Fairview Rd to Hwy 62. Rode by a couple old buildings (house and waht was a Girl's School) in Oliver Springs. Then a mad dash to EXIT 9 of Pellissippi and a break at Alcoa Good Times (MCs and Waverunners). Then split for home. 


Lancing, TN downtown. House and a church is about it.

Like backroads? Then you will like this route to Lilly Overlook.
There are CLOUDS for Eller.  ;D

In case you can't read the sign  --- Obed Wild and Scenic River -- Lilly Bridge crosses Clear Creek (coming up).

Then when you go down to a river, usually you come back up.

And, you can see we went up "some". That be Lilly Bridge over Clear Creek down there. By the way, The Obed river comes in from the west just south of the Overlook. Then goes on down to Nimo Bridge (ever been there?,  that is a ride).

Looking south down Obed river (that is after it joins Clear Creek).

Chris walking over to the other overlook platform. Note the overhang.

Elevation View of where we are.

Moving out --- backroad to hwy 298. Had to stop to change camera battery.

Love the views up here on the Cumberalnd Plateau.

Hwy 298 or is it Hwy 62? Good MC curves on either of those.

The backroad route from Hwy 27 to hwy 62 -- barn reminds me of "The Little House on the Prairie". Don's ask my why -- I don't know.

Oliver Spring buildings -- first the house and then what was the Girl's School.

I could use these. Used BMW 310 (100 miles ???). It had a rider (narrow chicken strip on rear tire).

KAWA has a 400CC NINJA now.

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Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)