Author Topic: PAULRIDES APR 18 -- Ride Plan changed ended up at Bubbling Spring Range  (Read 118 times)


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Decided to skip a gym visit (excuse was I have to mow yard for some some exercise and was just at gym TUE). I decided about 10AM to go to Bubbling Springs Range (still testing the Keyholing Revolver). Pretty convinced it is worse with HV AMMO vs Standard Velocity. Still get some slight Keyholing occasionally with standard velocity. 

Anyway, I shot the 22 Revolver and the GSG 1911 and 10 rounds of 9MM.

A few scenic view pictures and the res tis target pictures.


Just a few views on the way and coming home (Dogwood Blooms). 

Stopped by BUD'S Guns on the way home thought these single shot bolt action 22 were interesting. Seems Bolt is on the wrong side (left handed shooter).

Rest is targets in order I shot them (8 of them). It was a bit windy at times - targets blowing back and then forward. And very windy coming home. Did a few rounds of moving a couple steps and then shooting and moving again and shooting.That move and shoot with the GSG 22 SEMI and the 9MM). It's More fun than just shooting targets.
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