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Been a bit under the weather since WED, 18th, when picked up what I thought was allergy reaction upon returning from Bubbling Spring shoot. That later diagnosed as Viral on TUE, 24th. Then to top it off I got lightheaded WED, 25th, at UT Hospital while in the room (Pre-Op) for wife's surgery scheduled at 11AM. About 10:30AM, I got up to go to bathroom and felt light headed, while washing hands at sink in the Pre-op room I fainted. Felt myself go, did not fall, wife said a nurse sort of caught me and I remember waking up with her helping me to a chair. They recommended E Room Checkup and I did that. Don't know what it was as Blood Pressure, Sugar, Pulse were OK in pre-op room and EKG, Blood checked OK in E Room.

Net result was, they canceled wife's surgery and we came home. Felt a bit light headed going to mail box (50 feet), had lunch and mowed yard with a walk behind for 1 HR 45 MIN with no problems. Then that evening Betty developed a light case of Flu per CVS Minute Clinic diagnosis on THU.

Neither of us has been bad sick, little or no temperature - just a nuisance that is hanging on still to some extent.

I am going to get a heart valve rechecked (ECHO), but it was checked in Dec 2107 and still OK as far as size of the opening. I really doubt it caused my faint, and don't think it is a problem as Ia m not short of breath at the gym, mowing, etc., and don't really have symptoms other than have had some light headed feeling when getting up from a chair (mostly then). 

Anyway, finally got back on 2 wheels Saturday after not riding since WED, 18th, for a local loop ride of about 60 miles (no picctres).

Sunday, I called Jackie about 1:35PM and we met up at 1:55PM for a ride to downtown Knoxville for a look at the Dogwood Arts Festival on Market Square. Walked around the festival area and watched a Bluegrass group "Empty Bottle String Band" that was performing on the main stage. Youngest Bluegrass Group I have seen and good for listening. 

PICTURE Story - Sunday Only

Pickup the DANGest THINGS on Boyds Creek Rd. He was waiting at his subdivision entrance (I pulled in because cars too close behind me for him to fall in).

View of Knoxville ahead.

Gay Street Bridge offers a nice view of downtown.

Good crowd at the festival.

PHOTO - Panorama of Battle at Bristol (VOLs vs VT) -- too bad for reflection cause it is a good picture showing the whole stand scene (full stand).

Street Entertainers -- work for tips or just for the fun of it.

Plenty of Food Stands (bring your piggy bank).

Some crafts (yard art) get pretty rustic.

This is the youngest Bluegrass Group I have ever seen (good one). Empty Bottle String Band. :-)

Leaving Knoxville -- another view.

I split from Jackie near home at Kimberland Heights and added a couple extra miles getting home.
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