Author Topic: PAULRIDES May 3 Mostly Shoot as Not One Picture of the Ride to Chuck Swan  (Read 106 times)


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Rode MC to Chuck Swan, it opens at 12 Noon, I was there at 11:30 am and got stuff setup to shoot at noon. I even took the rifle (.22) and shot 30 rounds at 50 yards to start with.

Another guy showed up while I was shooting the rifle, so I finished and moved to the pistol range for him to use that table for his rifle shots. He shot his 308 Deer Rifle a few rounds and a Muzzle Loader a few rounds. Dead accurate at 100 yards with both of them. That was shooting from a rest with a scope. I see him there every once in awhile.

Other than that I had the place to myself.  :21
My Fun in PICTURE Story

.22 Rifle at 50 yards (30 rounds -- way off first six rounds til adjusted scope 24 clicks right). Amazed it was off that far - maybe scope moved, but it seems tight.

.22 GSG 1911 aim (56 rounds) - Targets mixed in with other shooting.

.22 Heritage Revolver aim (36 rounds of Standard Velocity 1070 fps with no keyholing and 13 rounds of Higher Velocity that is not sure, I think 1235 fps with keyholing and reduced accuracy)

.22 Ruger move stop shoot (60 rounds)

380 HI Point aim (20 rounds - I think that gun shows keyholing also)

9MM Taurus Millennium G2,  move stop and shoot (20 Rounds)

Pistol range is 50 foot (on left with my targets, I moved up to 30 or 31 feet to shoot). Rifle range on right is 50 yards (maximum in back is 100 yards). Mostly shady all day while shooting pistol (did get sun on target area) and there is a shelter where you load and shoot rifles from.

The muzzle loader -- same guy has shown up there many times on days I am there. He is mainly into hunting, said he did not see one turkey this year.

My .22 Rifle scope was way off (first six rounds - then I adjusted). Amazed it was so far off, maybe got bumped. 

Heritage Revolver - some Keyholing with higher Velocity AMMO (second group in red).

I tend to shoot left (more so when less aim involved).

The last few on the 9MM (move and shoot)  -- I sort of made a point to look right of target and brought some in closer.
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