Author Topic: PAULRIDES May 9 - BKF at THE SLAB and Roads Between Del Rio and I-40  (Read 133 times)


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Finally got away by 8:30AM because I had to take time to wash the front half of CB500X since it looked weird with the rear section clean (from working on it yesterday - rear wheel bearing, clean change, and put the original 14 tooth front sprocket back on). The front half was DIRTY (very dirty -- I don't believe in wasting ride time to clean a bike that just gets dirty again). I mostly just ride  :happyrider 

Made a quick run to The Slab for breakfast to supplement the fruit I had at home (I mean after a healthy start at home have to have a Pancake with Lot of Syrup  and a couple scrambled Eggs).

Then decided to explore some more roads from Del Rio to I-40 and back to Del Rio. Mainly, I was hunting the sort of Main Route cause the last time I did that run (from I-40 to Del Rio), I ended up on an adventure road. This day, I also found some adventure roads on the way to I-40 (not gravel mind you - no way I'm gonna mess up a bike that finally got cleaned since sometime last fall). However, there were some narrow, back country, steep, and curvy adventures and ran into gravel (turned around - an unusual thing to do). Looked like good gravel road, do it some day.

Coming back from I-40 to Del Rio I found the what I think is the Main Route. And had I followed the GPS going over to I-40 I would have found it then. However, thinking I knew better than the GPS, I decided not to make a turn it told me too. Some people say that folks from MO are stubborn as a mule. Betty thinks she knows at least one that IS.

Picture Story

The lakes (at least Douglas Lake) are filled up.

The Slab - NOTE Please: The nice clean bike (well not TerrE or Jackie's bike clean, and not Harley clean but at least wiped off).

Breakfast anyone ($2.50 plus tax and add Coffee either $0.50 or $0.75).

Just east of downtown Del Rio (this is about as main as the main road to I-40 gets and there is a lot of such scenery). 

This scenes showed up off the main road after I decided I knew more than the GPS about the route. 

And my deviation from the GPS turned out a good ride until I got to the gravel and turned back (sort of like the Big Bike Guys -- I ain't gettin' this bike dirty the first day I cleaned it up).

I was tempted as don't find many gravel roads that look better than that. Then I thought this Bike Is CLEAN (relatively to usual). I turned around.

Took another route the GPS picked (it was not the Main Route as I had passed that some distance back). It was paved and got some adventurous on one Mtn Road that finally took me to the Main Route.

This turned out to be part of the Main Route (actually a road I used the first trip I made coming from I-40 to Del Rio). It's a great ride, except for some broken up places and gravel kicked up on several corners (not a safety issue as you can see the danger ahead).

Then the GPS took me off he Main Route (this time it was not me), and finally had a bit of an adventure (not gravel - don't panic). I stopped to look back and take a picture of this nice country church.

Continue on this road (nice ride but the adventure part is very narrow and no room for error - be careful about meeting anyone -- I Did Not).
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I did take a short break at I-40 for a couple pictures (swinging Bridge for one). 


Continue the good part of the adventure route.  :happypep

Best not to meet a fast moving vehicle or any vehicle. 

At the I-40 Jct. (Exit 447 or is it 451, where the raft trips organize), took a few pictures. 

Note: Swinging Bridge that goes over to a Zip Line Tower.

View of river from the Swinging Bridge.

The Main Route back to Del Rio downtown is decent road all the way, not sure could follow it without a GPS as it is not a straight double yellow same road all the way. Would have to make several more trips, then might be able to without a GPS.

I took a detour here when I saw a sign for a Martha Sunquist State Forest - soon ran into gravel and turned back to the Main Route.

Same stream as above after I turned around. The detour was short and a nice little ride.

Doing the Main Route.

Caught this view of Mtns in distance (narrow opening) while riding by. 

After getting back to downtown Del Rio, I turned right as if going to Max Patch, but did not take the Max Patch turn (wanted to see where that road went). Turned out it was a loop back to the Main Route and ended up back in Del Rio downtown. Certainly a nice ride for the first par of the loop that included another nice Country Church.
My Camera battery went dead as I tried to take a picture riding by the church. So, I stopped south of the church for a break and changed batteries, had some water, and walked back to take pictures of the church and it's location).

Taken from south side of the church.

Taken looking north about even with the church.

Taken after passing the church to the north and looking back south.
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)