Author Topic: PAULRIDES May 20 - Chuck Swan to Shoot Revolver and Pistol(22 and 9 MM)  (Read 99 times)


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Also, include some local attraction pictures visited on 19th when our son from GA was here. He came FRI Eve and left SUN AM. We took him to the New Attraction (indoor winter tube slide and playground), Carl Ripkin Baseball Facility, and Dolly's Dream World Resort.

He left for home SUN AM early and I left for a Fog Ride to Chuck Swan to shoot, returned via a loop around N, to W, to S Side of House Mtn State Park. Couple decent views of the MTN and roads around it.

Other than that -- Target Pictures (feel like I am getting better with the handguns, but not gonna win any competitions).  :pop


Local Tour of Winter Playground, Carl Ripkin Baseball Facility (Panorama), and Dolly's Dream World Resort.

My pre-ride picture (son took it in driveway as I was leaving).

Fog Ride on way to Chuck Swan.

House Mtn Loop includes a N view, roads around the Mtn and a view from S side.

Target killing at Chuck Swan.
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