Author Topic: PAULRIDES May 27 - Revolver AMMO (3 Velocities) - Pancake - Rolling Thunder  (Read 104 times)


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Not a bad morning at all considering I got a late start (8:30AM not late to some but  hour behind my intended start time).

I decided to run three types (different speed) of .22LR thru the revolver (quick stop at Buffalo Spring - shot like 36 rounds total). Then stopped for a pancake at The Slab (giant pancake). Then caught the Rolling Thunder Memorial Ride making the turn from 25W/70 onto 25E in Newport (watched them for a bit and made a movie of noise as the made the curve to go north on 25E).

Then I followed the route up 25E  to NINA Road, to 113, to 25W/70 and stopped at Knifeworks for the rest of my trip home.

Saw a buy on 500 rounds of .22LR AMMO (HV) at Knifeworks that was setting all alone on a shelf not near the other 22LR AMMO. I thought I don't need anymore AMMO now. Later changed my mind and went to get it. DANG guy picked it up right before I got there. He saw a good buy, about $0.05 a round -- 500 rounds at $22.99 plus tax. Not another box like it in the store.   :groan 

Eller had some 710 FPS CCI and sold me a box of 50. I have been wanting to try it in the revolver and did not want to buy a large quantity (stuff runs like $0.12 a round in large quantity). He also gave me some Aquila Special Product that he does not like. It is for Revolvers or Bolt Action (probably would not run in a Semi Auto) It is 20 Grain, FPS unknown as his boxes do not show FPS. The web shows two of that 20 grain - one called Colibri (420 FPS) and Super Colbri (590 FPS). I also had some recently bought Aquila Standard Velocity (1130 FPS) that I wanted to try.

BTW, the recent bought Aquila Standard Velocity bought for my Revolver, the Keyholer. And, for a Phoenix PH22 Semi-Auto my son bought recently that specifies Standard Velocity AMMO ONLY.

FOR INFO -- If interested in a cheap (like $119) 3 inch barrel Semi Auto Pistol (10 rounds + 1). It has a longer interchangeable barrel (5 inch) used on the same frame. (Use 3 or 5 inch). Look it up on Phoenix Arms Web Site. And check it out on U- Tube (Phoenix PH22).

In fact we bought the KIT (I bought half of it - son took possession in GA). The KIT comes in a plastic hard case, includes the frame, both barrels, extra MAG, has cleaning tools  and supplies.

Get that with silver look frame and barrel for $175 at BUD'S On Line (ship locally FREE with FFL for $20 includes background and FFL Transfer). Our son is in GA, so he ordered thru a dealer there On Line and paid sales tax and background check. Total $194 for the Kit but black barrel and frame.


I missed the first part of the group, so do not know how long it took them all to go by where I was. I was there a good 10 minutes or more. One heck of a lot of MCs, which is a good thing.  :happypep

No way would I ride in such a group. They are to close to each going around the curve -- some side by side and might not even know who or how good the other rider is. 

Then, I headed home -- crossing the 25E new bridge here and looking NE for the view. Lake is FULL as I have seen it. 

This on Nina Road is a dry area for the season they let the lake level drop (starts in Sept and fills up again in April / may).  It is not very deep here. 

I think that is an old school (I can't remember if that is an old church or school  - it does look like a church).

One more view of Lake Douglas (just east of Dandridge, TN before I was back on Hwy 25W).
Ride Country Roads - a lot. :-)